The Benefits of Dental Implants over other Treatment Options

Dental implants are something you are getting once in a lifetime, while dental crowns and bridges might need replacement every few years.

Here are a few benefits of getting dental implants:

Dental implants help preventing bone loss

Patients who struggle with teeth loss, will generally struggle with a very weak jaw bone density. When there is not enough bone present, the teeth will get loose and ultimately fall out.

Bone is preserved perfectly with the help of the dental implants, so you should keep in mind this aspect when you are thinking of an alternative to replace lost teeth.

Dental implants look, feel and behave exactly like your biological teeth

A smile with dental implants cannot even be compared to a smile with the dental crowns on. People with dental implants also generally look much younger and more attractive, because the teeth look 100% natural.

No restrictions whatsoever regarding what you can eat

When you have dentures, you should normally not eat chewy and sticky foods because these might dislodge the crown. Also, with dentures you need to be careful with food particles getting in between the device and your gums, which is extremely frustrating.

Dental implants do not only allow you to eat whatever you want, but you will also be able to smile and talk without restrictions- the teeth will not fall out of your mouth at the most unexpected moment causing embarrassment like the dentures.

No gag reflex

Many patients with dental crowns complain of having to put up quite often with the gagging reflex. Now dental implants will never cause such problems.

Enjoy the flavor and delicacy of the food

With dentures, your palate (roof of the mouth) is covered. This means that you are not truly able to enjoy food that much. Dental implants are inserted individually into the gum line/jaw bone, and you will be able to enjoy the taste of every single food just like with natural teeth

No more need for denture adhesives

Annually, you are most likely spending a lot of money on messy adhesives which might or might not do their job, and on denture maintenance. You can forget about all these once you have the high quality dental implants fitted on.