Average Cost of Braces for Teeth

While looking for a beautiful and healthy smile you can find out that average cost of braces for teeth vary. Adult dental braces cost depend on many factors, such as the patient’s problem severity, time needed for treatment and the selected region. So, how much are dental braces now?

After analyzing different sources we can confirm that the average cost of braces for teeth is $5000. It means that if you are preparing to straighten your teeth using bracing technology then be ready to spend a lot of money. However, the purpose you are doing this is the right one.

The final dental braces cost is determined by what the patient wants or needs. Sometimes it may be a serious teeth correction, when the malocclusion badly affects the chewing and speaking processes. Other times the patient requires a cosmetology procedure to straighten some teeth and to make his smile a perfect one.

How much do dental braces cost in these two cases? Naturally the first situation will be more expensive. The braces cost may increase up to $7000 or even more. The person who wants a dental cosmetology challenge will pay not less then $650. But all these numbers depend on other important to know things.

For example, different dental specialists can ask different sums of money for the same braces treatment procedure. A general dentist charges an average of $5000, while an orthodontist charges about $5600.

The average cost of braces for teeth depends on the person it is done for, too. Adult braces cost is much higher then the child’s one or teen braces. The reason given to this is the shortest period of time they are worn, plus less braces material usage. The difference can achieve several hundreds dollars cost of braces.

The region where dental treatment is done influences a lot on braces cost. In Australia, invisible braces cost $3000 for minor corrections but could go upto $9000 depending on the treatment. British Columbia braces (Canada) will cost more then Portland braces.

But not much more then California braces, for example. The adult braces cost vary depending on the population number that occupies the territory, what means on the number of people who demand this service.

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  • Dorca daniel

    Can anyone tell me a good dentist near cleveland

  • http://www.dentaldallas.net/dontfollow armil@Dental Dallas

    wow! its really expensive, I feel like only those who have the money have the right to use braces, too bad for those who don’t have much. anyway, with the benefits that it might bring maybe that amount is already worth it, but i hope it can be lesser. well, if someone want to save some, take time to do some research and make sure that they will find the good one so that their money will not put into waste.
    Thanks for the details, worth reading! :-)

  • lolpiieee

    Well I am 10 and I MAY need braces… It is December 4th and my family is not very rich.. I also have to go to the dentists every 3 months to see how the worst tooth they pulled is growing. That is A LOT of money! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ How much approx. Is that all in total= ? :(

  • Danomac

    Wow, i am currently paying $8700 for an 18 month treatment for my nine year old here in Vancouver. This is to straighten her front teeth which are pushed back, and to correct an overbite.I can only wish for $5600!