Affordable Dentures in a Hour – Start to Finish

Dr. Lawrence Wallace has invented a way to make dentures in just one hour and one visit start to finish. It is called the LARELL one step Denture.

The procedure is customized directly in the patients mouth  without the use of a lab. It is a win win situation for both the dentist as well as the patient. The dentist uses only an hour of his chair time and no lab bill, so he can make excellent money and the patient pays far less than the conventional denture.

Each arch cost the patient about $600 for a single denture or $1200 for a full set. Because the denture is customized directly in the patient’s mouth and not on a machine in a dental lab, the fit is really good and very little need for adjustments.

It is an ideal method for many situations: people who cannot afford custom dentures, people who are homebound or in nursing homes, or people who cannot take the time from work necessary for a conventional denture, about 4-5 visits.

There are 37 million people walking around the USA with no teeth (and 2-3 million more each year losing all their teeth) and we are hoping to reach all of them in the near future.

Dr. Wallace is lecturing  at dental society meetings and giving dental training seminars teaching this new dentures procedure. He is also volunteering his time and doing denture clinics over the country at Missions of Mercy and Remote area medical and giving away free dentures.

This has never been done before at these clinics since dentures needed several visits.  We have seen so many tears of joy and such happy people  who can now eat regular food and get on with their lives and especially start to really smile. They raise self esteem, quality of life and importantly, lead to better nutrition.

Customer satisfaction surveys of our patients have been done and the satisfaction with the dentures from all aspects is identical to conventional dentures.

The Larell one step denture will also  be going to the rest of the world.  Dr. Wallace has been in contact to distribute the dentures in North America, South America, Europe, India, as well as Africa and the Middle East, but right now we are concentrating on all of the USA. One smile at a time.


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