15 Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

With the media exposure that celebrities receive, it is important that their smiles are perfect. Having a Hollywood smile makeover however, it not just for the rich and famous.

You too can get a perfect smile by following the example of your favorite celebrity. If you are wondering about smile makeover cost, this will vary widely depending on what specific work you need.

WorlDental.org researched some stars have paid as much as $50,000 to get their perfect smiles. Implants and veneers can cost anywhere from $5,000 to as much as $40,000 depending on the number of teeth repaired and the specific dentist chosen. Teeth whitening and other procedures are of course much less expensive but not any less important.

There are a number of celebrities who had gaped, stained, crooked or even chipped and missing teeth at some point. Hollywood dentists have performed thousands of procedures to repair these problems. There are a number of dentists in the New York area as well that perform dentistry to the stars.

So just who are the top choices for cosmetic dentistry for Hollywood’s elite?

Kevin Sands is a cosmetic dentistry specialist who has provided services for a number of celebrities. Dr. Sands is located in the Los Angeles area and performs cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills for many stars including: Tori Spelling, Hilary Duff, Robert Downey, Jr., Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears.

Dr. Catrise L. Austin is the preferred dentist to the stars on the East Coast. Dr. Austin’s office in Manhattan, New York provides a number of cosmetic treatments for celebrities in the area for stars such as: Paula Abdul, Isaac Hayes, Malik Yoba, Toni Braxton, Eva Pigford.

15 Stars’ Teeth Before and After Smile Makeover

Knowing which dentists provide the bulk of cosmetic dentistry to celebrities is only half of knowing just how thriving this practice currently is. There are many celebrities who have relied on dentists for braces, veneers, caps, crowns and a number of other cosmetic procedures. WorlDental.org is listing here the 15 most noticeable stars’ smile transformations.

cheryl cole teeth before after cosmetic dentistry 300x180 15 Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Cheryl Cole from X-Factor also had bad teeth during her earlier career days. Her teeth were terribly crooked and she had pointed incisors that resembled fangs. Her teeth were straightened and the fangs were reshaped to give her a more perfect smile. Whitening was also done on her stained teeth and she now sports beautiful porcelain veneers to give her that perfect celebrity smile.

Hilary Duff teeth before after cosmetic dentistry 300x225 15 Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

2. Hilary Duff decided to get her first set of porcelain veneers in 2005. However, she did not like the look that the veneers gave her and many critics agreed. Her first set of veneers simply did not look natural. They made her teeth very long and not proportionate with the rest of her face. However, she eventually became so unhappy with the first set that she returned to a cosmetic dentist in 2008 for a revision of her veneers. She now has shorter teeth that look much more natural than the first set that she sported. Various whitening treatments have also helped to make Hilary Duff’s teeth look completely perfect.

Zac Efron teeth before after cosmetic dentistry 15 Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

3. Zac Efron did not always have a perfect smile. When he first began his career, he had a wide gap between his top front teeth. Invisible braces helped to pull those teeth together and give him a more grownup smile. Teeth Whitening was also in order to help brighten up Efron’s smile. It has been gossiped that Efron spent more than $10,000 having his gap removed and his pearly whites made whiter.

Tom Cruise teeth before after cosmetic dentistry 300x180 15 Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

4. Tom Cruise also did not always have a perfect smile. Until he was 39, his teeth were horrible misaligned. He now sports a gorgeous white smile that is estimated to have cost more than $30,000 in total. From alignment procedures to the whitening, Cruise has definitely paid fair change for his overhaul.

Kate Beckinsale teeth before after cosmetic dentistry 300x225 15 Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

5. Kate Beckinsale has admitted openly that she has had cosmetic dentistry done although she has not stated to what extent. Beckinsale likely has had deep cleaning and gum reconturing. Add to that cosmetic teeth whitening procedures and you get the smile that Kate Beckinsale sports today.

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  1. Kate Beckinsale says

    Kate Beckinsale has not had dental implants. Dental implants are attached to the tooth socket in a jaw bone, and their purpose is to replace missing teeth. If Kate has had anything, she’s had either teeth whitening or veneers. Her teeth look the same shape though.

  2. Stop acting like a tabloid. says

    “Kate Beckinsale has admitted openly that she has had cosmetic dentistry”

    No she hasn’t. You’ve just written that for your article! In other words, you’re lying! Her teeth are clearly the same, there is no difference in the shape of her teeth. The only difference is that they’re whiter. Big deal, I’d hardly call teeth whitening “cosmetic surgery”.

  3. Dental opinion says

    In response to reader comments it is clear that Kate Beckinsale has had cosmetic dental treatment. I am a dentist and it is as clear as the day to me. Her lip line as she smiles is in the same position in both pictures however the amount of gum visible is noticeably less. This treatment is known as ginigvectomy.

    Also with the level of care that can be provided these days many people have veneers which do not dramatically change their smile but are a more natural looking enhancement.

  4. says

    It’s amazing the difference when you see the before and after pictures on these celebs, especially when you line them all up. I wonder how much influence the work they had on their teeth (and therefore appearance) had on their career successes and where they would be now if they had not had the work done.

  5. priti says

    I need to know best doctor for teeth. we need to fix teeth of my daughter who is 21 and celeb smile but how much it cost I don’t know.

  6. says

    Cosmetic surgery’s demand has been increasing especially in Hollywood, but also in overseas, where the cost of such is comparably lower and the quality is significantly better. Countries like South Korea, Thailand, Italy, Russia, and the likes are now offering so-called medical travel, and the services they provide not only include cosmetic surgery but also laser eye surgery. Hospitals that cater to such are set up to be like 5-star hotels (medical suites as commonly known), with quality service at a fraction of the price paid in the home country. I won’t be surprised if such demand would continue to increase in the future.

  7. says

    Aesthetics is important and it actually improves on how people treat you at the work place or even in the scheme of things of personal relationships. I know of some medical malpractice lawsuits and cases that revolve around this – people undergo surgery to improve their overall appearance (and these are not even over the top surgeries), yet in the process did not go well to their liking. The reason why they went under the knife is because of improving their appearance, which I think is just right if not done over the top.

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