Affordable Dental Care for Low-Income Adults

Having been one of the most problematic social branches for many years, oral health and dental care is being paid much more attention now. However, the situation is not the best one. Millions of Americans still do not have access to any affordable … [Read more...]

Dental Clinic to Offer Free Help to Uninsured Children and Adults


The exact location of the clinic that provides free dental help is at the St. John’s County Health Department, 1955 U.S. 1 South, Suite 100. Good dental health is essential for overall health, and during a dental screening several issues can surface … [Read more...]

Free Dental Clinics Provided Care for the Needy and Uninsured

Free dental care day held for needy On this free dentistry day, the staff offered only extractions to patients who struggled with bad infections, or dental issues where the tooth could not be saved anymore. This free dental help day has been … [Read more...]

Pay it Forward: How to Get Free Dental Care?

However, in Michigan the uninsured can now get dental care for which they will “pay” with volunteer work. This smart dental system implementation has saved so many uninsured patients from extremely severe health complications because of untreated … [Read more...]

Free Dental Treatment Offered for the Poor and Uninsured Adults

Needy patients are welcome to receive the needed free dental treatments at no extra charge. Such free dental treatment events are extremely important, especially in areas where there is a huge percentage of people struggling with proper access to … [Read more...]