Low Cost Dental Clinics at Dentistry Schools: Comprehensive Guide to Free and Affordable Dentistry


Currently, there are millions of Americans without any kind of dental insurance. This means that they cannot afford even basic dental care, let alone affording treatment for a more serious dental complication. The good news is that there are many … [Read more...]

Affordable Dental Care for Low-Income Adults

Having been one of the most problematic social branches for many years, oral health and dental care is being paid much more attention now. However, the situation is not the best one. Millions of Americans still do not have access to any affordable … [Read more...]

Free Dental Sedation Available through Special Program


Some people are afraid even of the idea of sitting in the dental chair, let alone going through a procedure such as an extraction or root canal therapy. Next year, the U of A will kick start a special program of dentistry help free of charge. More … [Read more...]

Dental Clinic to Offer Free Help to Uninsured Children and Adults


The exact location of the clinic that provides free dental help is at the St. John’s County Health Department, 1955 U.S. 1 South, Suite 100. Good dental health is essential for overall health, and during a dental screening several issues can surface … [Read more...]

Dentists to Offer Free Dental Work for Needy on Weekend


The two-day free dental work will be provided this Saturday and Sunday by the CDA- California Dental Association. There will be as many as 100 dental chairs available, and dental professionals can provide dentistry for free simultaneously to just as … [Read more...]