Strategies for Finding Low Cost Dental Implants

Dental implants represent the most expensive procedures for teeth replacement.

In the US, the cost for a single dental implant varies between $3,000 and $4,500 and dental insurance does not offer any kind of coverage on these procedures since they are regarded as cosmetic.

More and more patients acknowledge the fact that dental implants represent the best option for replacing missing teeth, so they are starting to look for ways they can lower the costs.

As a first step- discuss with your dentist

Dentists know that the prices they are charging might not suit your financial profile, so they may agree for you to pay in installments or they can offer a discount. Before starting to look up other options, the best idea is to talk with your dentist, because you know him and trust him when it comes to dental treatments.

Some dentists whose ego is not that huge, might even suggest other helpful ways for you to get dental implants on lower costs (such as dental school programs for instance).

If possible chose a dental implant clinic

In case you already decided that your dentist charges too much, and there is no way he will offer a discount, you should proceed to the next step. Instead of looking for another dentist, start researching for a specialized dental clinic in your area.

These clinics will always charge a much lower cost than general dentists or cosmetic dentists at a private office. The dentists at a specialized clinic can afford to offer lower rates because they can procure materials much cheaper, and they are also specialized in offering mainly dental implants.

Shop around outside your area

If you live in a city where dental care is extremely expensive, you should look for a dental clinic or private dental practice outside your geographical location. Traveling a few miles for the sake of getting up to 20% or even 30% discount might be a very good idea.

Also, if you do not have the possibility to commute for dental treatments, search for a young dentist or cosmetic dentist who is looking to gain experience so he will charge smaller fees compared to the others with decades of experience in the field.

Considering dental tourism

For patients located in the US, the best alternative to get low cost dental implants is given by dental tourism solutions in Mexico. Here, patients can get dental implants which are cheaper even by 50%. You just need to make sure to select a dental clinic which is reputable, and which has served successfully a big number of patients in the past.

The price is not everything

Even though you might have to make a financial effort in order to pay for the dental implants, you should also consider this:

Dental implants represent the most efficient method to replace teeth, a much better option than dental crowns. Dental implants help preventing bone loss, they offer increased stability, a perfect cosmetic result and a solution which may come with a lifetime warranty.