Is IV Sedation Dentistry, Intravenous Sedation, Safe?

An important part of a normal and complete lifestyle is good dental health and routine dental visits are necessary in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

However, it is unfortunate that many people are troubled with anxiety and fear as far as going to the dentist is concerned and might therefore avoid scheduling appointments for months or even years.

Regardless if you have a serious dental problem that requires the attention of a professional or you simply need a checkup, there is a way that you can receive the required treatment without having to go through the anxiety and fear.

This solution is through the use of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is where a patient is calmed with sedatives in order to calm their mind and relax their muscles before the dental treatment and it can take on numerous forms.

The process of IV sedation dentistry typically involves the administration, intravenously, a sedative by means of an injection directly into the bloodstream of the patient.

IV sedation dentistry is a more effective method than other forms of sedation such as pill sedation or gas inhalation. But how safe is it?

Many patients, especially those whose fear of dentists is a preexisting condition, are reluctant to have IV sedation dentistry since they are concerned about the safety of IV sedation dentistry. However, in actuality, IV sedation is very safe.

The fact is that IV sedation has been successfully used on millions of patients over the past 30 years. The statistics associated with IV sedation dentistry have determined that it is actually safer than local anesthetic, and because the sedatives are administered by a dental professional who has had special training, the patient should have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

There are numerous advantages of IV sedation dentistry especially for patients who have a high level of fear and anxiety with regard to their dental visits.

While IV sedation doesn’t really put the patient to sleep, they are fully conscious throughout the procedure, they will be completely relaxed and their mind will be at ease and they will remember little or nothing regarding the procedure afterwards.

Even if the patient has been avoiding the dentist for years, just a couple of IV sedation appointments will put the patient on the fast track to healthy gums and teeth. So if know someone who has a fear of needles, you can tell them to ask their dentist to give them an inhalation sedative immediately before the insertion of the IV tube, which will help to make the procedure even easier.

Therefore when it comes to visiting the dentist in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth, there is really no excuse not to. The best thing a person can do is to talk to a dentist that specializes in IV sedation dentistry and determine if this option is acceptable to them. After all, a healthy smile is worth it and IV dentistry makes it even easier to maintain.