Discomfort at the Dentist is a Thing of the Past

With these technologies and techniques, having dental work done can be painless and fast.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Dentists rely on three types of sedation to reduce anxiety during procedures. Some patients may receive laughing gas, or inhalation sedation, to reduce pain while others may take anti-anxiety medications to reduce their apprehensions before even stepping foot in the dentist’s office.

Intravenous (IV) sedation may be used on patients who are undergoing a complex procedure or suffer from extreme anxiety. These forms of anesthesia help patients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire procedures.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is another technique that makes pain a thing of the past. Dentists can use these intense beams of light to reshape gum and bone tissues, treat root canal infections, perform biopsies and expose partially erupted wisdom teeth.

The lasers create a more relaxed dental experience because they are precise and create less pain than traditional dentistry, and the need for anesthesia is greatly reduced or even eliminated. As dental lasers do not cause heat or vibration in the mouth, laser dentistry may ease the pain and anxiety of patients who fear the vibration and high-pitched whine of traditional drills.

Is Sedation or Laser Dentistry Right for Me?

Instead of avoiding necessary dental treatments out of fear or anxiety, talk to your dentist about these techniques.

Sedation or laser dentistry may be right for you if you feel fearful about your dental treatment, have had trouble getting numb or experienced panic attacks during prior dental appointments, have a procedure-specific fear or feel you cannot tolerate a procedure without suffering from significant anxiety.

Additional Benefits

Not only can sedation and laser dentistry provide a discomfort-free experience with your dentist, these treatments can also enable your dentist to perform multiple treatments in a single visit, which otherwise may require multiple appointments. Quality dental care in a comfortable environment in less time.

So for people who have put off going to the dentist due to discomfort, advancements in dentistry can provide a new level of comfort, with sedation dentistry and laser dentistry being just two safe and effective options offered by many dentists today. Discuss these dental treatments options with your dentist, and don’t let past discomfort keep you from receiving the dental care you need for optimal oral health.

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