When Dental Phobia Stands in Your Way

Considering dental sedation may be the smartest option to keep your dental health in good shape…and literally forget about dental pain.

Sedation provides a relaxing dental experience
With dental sedation, patients can truly go through a pain free dental experience. The dentist will decide upon the dental sedation technique mostly appropriate given your condition (oral sedation for minor interventions, intravenous sedation for complex dental work, etc.).

Patients who struggle with TMJ disorders on top of their phobia and need to keep their mouth open for 2 hours until implants are fitted will find dental sedation very comforting. The patient will not remember anything from during the treatment, and soreness of the jawline after the treatment is also drastically reduced.

Dental sedation helps the dentist too
While a patient is sedated, the dentist can perform his job extremely well. The dentist doesn’t worry that you are going to move too much during important procedures, and you won’t notify him to stop every 5 minutes. You can stay relaxed and be in your comfort zone all throughout, while the dentist can perform the treatment correctly without interruptions.

Dental sedation important even in basic dental treatment
Patients who put up with a bad gag reflex, cannot keep their mouths open even during a dental cleaning. Therefore, slight dental sedation helps the patient get proper the dental X-rays, the dental cleaning, or the cavity filing. It is almost unbelievable, but many patients with gag reflex syndrome avoid the dentist even when they need a tiny cavity filled out of anxiousness because of their gag reflex.

The gag reflex generally leads to the sensation of vomiting anytime a dental tool is introduced in the mouth, or close to the throat. Talk to your dentist openly about the available dental sedation techniques even if you need only a checkup or a cleaning, especially if you have gag reflex.

Dental sedation- saving time and money
When the patient sits calm and relaxed throughout the dental checkup or dental treatment, the dentist can perform his job much faster. This means that the operational costs and appointment times are reduced, and both you and the dentist will save a lot of precious time. Instead of staying in chair anxiously for two hours until you get that checkup, cleanings and cavity fillings, everything can be done in half the time if you are sedated.

Always choose to get treatment from a dentist who is trained and qualified in sedation dentistry. Never think twice again about going to the dentist if you struggle with anxiety and panic issues. Dental sedation is the right choice and this way you will always maintain a good dental health and keep at bay huge dental complications.

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