Conscious Sedation Dentistry: Oral versus IV Sedation

Sedation dentistry is very helpful for people with dental phobia or anxiety issues. The dentist will generally offer a sedative, such as an oral sedative (a medication) or IV (intravenous sedation) so the patient will not feel or remember anything from during the appointment.

When to use each type of sedation dentistry technique:

-You should choose oral sedation dentistry in case you would like the most affordable type of dental sedation, because IV sedation is much more expensive. Then, oral sedation is much easier to administer and it is also very suitable for patients who are generally afraid of needles.

-You should choose IV sedation dentistry if there is no one accompanying you to the dentist. Oral sedatives generally must be administered 1+ hours before you have your appointment, so you cannot drive a car yourself or perform any tedious tasks after taking the pill.

IV sedation dentistry technique is much more effective since the sedative will go directly into your bloodstream. The dentist can control much better the levels of sedation through IV sedation. Also, the effects of IV sedation will wear off much faster , exactly because the dentist can control dosages perfectly.

Important facts to know about IV sedation dentistry technique:

-Among all types of conscious sedation dentistry techniques available, IV sedation is the most powerful one.

After receiving the injection, you will be sedated within a very short time, and IV sedation has an amnesic effect which surpasses that of other major types of sedation dentistry including inhalation sedation or oral sedation.

-dentists will typically use IV sedation dentistry mostly in cases where oral surgery is needed (such as for dental implants or reconstructive dental procedures).

-It is extremely important to remember that sedation dentistry techniques can be performed only by dentists who have got special certifications and qualifications in this field.

In case the patients needs to be sedated for a longer time due to a complex dental surgical intervention, IV sedation dentistry technique is the most suitable.

-In the dental offices of general dentists, it is unlikely that you will find IV sedation dentistry available. Therefore, you need to find a specialized oral surgeon or cosmetic dentist who has got the needed qualifications to administer IV sedation dentistry techniques to patients.

Important facts regarding oral sedation dentistry

-The oral sedation medications used in the dental office come from a family of medications called Benzodiazepines. Oral sedation dentistry is mostly suitable for patients with dental phobia and those who are extremely afraid of injections.

-once administered, oral sedation dentistry technique will help you in that you will not remember anything from the painful/discomforting procedure during the appointment. Usually, it is administered in a liquid form or pills form.

-sometimes, oral sedation dentistry is administered to patients who have got veins which are very difficult to locate, and thus IV sedation would not be the best option.

-oral sedation dentistry is much cheaper than IV sedation, and the dentist does not need to hold any special qualification or certification to administer this type of sedation dentistry

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