Cheap Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help transforming even the ugliest and most crooked teeth into a wonderfully straight and bright smile.According to dental health statistics, last year alone Americans spent well over 1 billion dollars on cosmetic dental services and tooth whitening procedures.

Cosmetic dental procedures help not only restore a beautiful smile, but they also help restoring the self esteem of a person. With a set of beautiful and straight teeth, you can get a job much easier and you can eliminate the frustration of talking or smiling in public. So are there any cheap cosmetic dental treatments available which can help improve both your self esteem and your appearance? The answer is yes.

There are at least two such major cosmetic dental procedures which cost way below $1,000:

Cosmetic dental whitening

You might have a beautiful and straight set of teeth, but which are stained and yellowish. Thus, you feel frustrated when you have to smile or talk in public, but the best remedy is represented by cosmetic dental whitening.

First, the dentist will perform a check to see if there are any dental cavities that need to be filled, and check to see if your gums are healthy. After that, dental whitening can be performed. In office dental whitening treatments suppose the use of a special peroxide gel of 35% consistency, and also a special high intensity light which will help restoring the beautiful whiteness of the teeth.

The peroxide is being activated by the laser light, and this will start oxidizing the stains on your teeth. With cosmetic dental whitening you can obtain teeth which are whiter with up to 8 shades- however, you should always opt for a shade that looks natural and that matches perfectly the tone of your skin.

A set of teeth which are fluorescent white will just look unnatural. This is why you should choose the services of a highly skilled cosmetic dentist who can help you achieve a most natural result.

Laser teeth whitening is the most expensive whitening procedure done in the office, and the general costs for dental whitening range between $400 and up to $900. There are also many
home use dental whitening kits available, and these cost between $200 and $500.

Your dentist is going to make an impression if your teeth, in order to design a fitting mouth tray. This mouth tray will be filled by you with the carbamide peroxide gel of approximately 15% concentration, and you need to follow the treatment for several weeks. You will typically have to wear the dental tray during nights.

Cosmetic tooth shaping

Through this dental procedure, the dentist will remove small portions of the edges of the teeth (the enamel, of approximately 1 or 2 millimeters in order to create a beautiful, symmetrical smile. The procedure can be used in order to shorten the teeth and make them all of the same length, or to round off the teeth which are sharp and pointed.

The cosmetic dentist performs such a procedure within approximately half an hour, and the cost of tooth shaping is between $25 and up to $50 per tooth, depending. You need to be careful, because dental shaping can cause your teeth to be more sensitive temporarily, since the enamel is removed.