Worst Halloween Candies for Kids

According to Cynthia Sherwood, who is the spokesperson for the AGS (Academy of General Dentistry), toffees, sticky & chewy candies should be avoided altogether. These types of candies are the main culprits for tooth decay among kids.

The sticky candies literally stick to the teeth, and they will remain there for long. In the meantime the sugars start eating away at the enamel of the tooth, and sooner or later tooth decay will appear.

Then, the highly acidic candies are again not good. Candies such as Sour Patch Kids, Lemonheads or Warheads are extremely high in acidic content and they attack the tooth enamel very quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not healthy to brush the teeth immediately after eating sour candies. The child should wait about 30 minutes until brushing the teeth, otherwise he will only spread with the brush that acid content onto other surfaces of the teeth.

In this 30 minute lapse, just allow saliva to do its job and flush away nicely the acidic harmful elements from the mouth.

Candy corn is extremely harmful for the teeth as well. Instead, parents should buy their children the healthier alternative, which are chocolates with nuts or peanut butter cups for instance.

As a parent, you should make sure to fill up those treat bowls with “healthier” sweets such as lollipops which are sugar free, and hard candies which are not that acidic.

You can also put in there a few sugar free chewing gum tablets, or the earlier mentioned peanut butter cups. Instead of milk chocolate coated nuts or raisins, try to look after the ones which are coated with dark chocolate, because these are much healthier.

Instead of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups choose Snickers because these have less calories and also fewer fats. Then, if you can’t decide between Peanut M&Ms and Skittles, you should know that the healthiest versions are the Skittles because they are lower in caloric content.

Between Twix and Kit Kat, choose Kit Kat because these have fewer calories, and less saturated fat and sodium content. Now you can prepare a much healthier candy treat bowl for the upcoming Halloween.

  • http://www.directosteo.com Julien

    Between Twix and KitKat, select Kit Kat. That’s good to know. I was pretty sure none of these was better than the other. Thanks for the tips anyway, I’ll give more attention to what I select before Haloween thought !

  • http://gorgeoussmiledental.com ponce

    that’s a great idea. thanks for giving us alternative kinds of chocolate for Halloween. we will definitely do this. :)

  • http://austinbluffsdental.com/services/ James

    “…it is not healthy to brush the teeth immediately after eating sour candies.”

    This is good information!