What to Do After Tooth Extraction, Dental Care and Diet

The reason you may get a tooth pulled is because either: there is not enough room for it and tooth will become impacted, it must be removed to assure that the rest of your teeth grow properly, or tooth so severely decayed that it is beyond repair.

But as beneficial as tooth extraction can be, it is also a very painful and tedious recovery process. The tooth extraction cost varies with the difficulty of the procedure and fortunately, there are usually very few tooth extraction complications.

A tooth extraction complication is rare but when it does occur it includes tooth extraction dry socket, tooth extraction pain, tooth extraction infection and tooth extraction bleeding.

Many problems can be avoided with good tooth extraction care so it is very important to know what to do after a tooth extraction. Pain after tooth extraction is the most common tooth extraction problem and is most common after a surgical tooth extraction. Good care after tooth extraction greatly assists tooth extraction healing and often helps avoid an infected tooth extraction socket.

Tooth Extraction Care, What Is It?

Good tooth extraction care helps reduce the follow up complications related to oral surgery. The most important thing is to take excellent care of yourself after your surgery. Part of excellent tooth extraction care is to rest and keep comfortable.

It is almost always best to stay home and not work for a few days after tooth extraction procedure. Eating well is an important part of tooth extraction care. The body will use the food you eat to heal the area that you had tooth extraction in. Taking medications to prevent problems is another important step in tooth extraction care. Antibiotics are absolutely necessary to avoid an infection after tooth extraction.

Read NEXT what to do after tooth extraction: care and diet.

  • rana alkhatib

    the included info is good and i get benefits from it

  • susan whittaker

    Hello, I would like some reassurrence about my molar tooth i had extracted just over three weeks ago, i’ve been getting aching from this area since i had it removed, the dentist did say it was a big tooth, but its getting me dowm a bit now, is this normal to experience dull pain like this for this period of time,it is around the jaw bone and surrounding area.
    Thank You.

  • http://worldental.org WorlDental.org

    Susan, molars are connected to the jaw and since it was removed, you will experience pain for a long time (less than 1 or 2 months) just be sure to take your painkillers and you should be fine.

    Also better to make an appointment with the dentist who did the extraction for he/she to have a look at it. There could a piece of the tooth still be left in the gum.

    Thanks to Richard for explanations.

  • http://worldental.org/gums/tooth-extraction-care/ Nabadita

    I have two of my wisdom tooth extracted on Thursday.I have stitches in both the places.My doctor has not given me any Anibiotics,she said it will heal natuarlly.Its been three days and I still cant have solid food & taking Ibuprofen trice a day to relieve pain.Will it take longer to heal without antibiotics.What precautions can I take to prevent infection in the gum

  • http://worldental.org david

    I had one wisdom tooth pulled yesterday at 3pm.
    very simple extraction.
    no stitches, very little pain but sore.
    when can I lift again.
    I am a bodybuilder.
    At first Dentist said today no prob.
    then after surgery he said probably tommorrow.
    Id really like to go today at 10 am
    that is 18 hours after surgery.
    what do you think

  • Darlene

    I’m going to get my wisdom tooth removed next week and I usually have a 3 day weekend, but from what I understand from all the literature I’ve read it can be difficult to open your mouth and talk for a prolong period of time. I’m pretty much on the phone at work 10 hours a day, and I am concerned if this will cause any difficulty in recovery or my work. What is the normal recommended time frame for rest? Would 3 days be enough? Thank you in advance for your help!

  • judy

    Hello, I just went to go see my dentist and she said that I need 3 surgical extractions. My only problem is the healing process. My job is very demanding and I can’t afford to miss a day. I was thinking if I do one at a time cause my dentist closes at 8pm on Mondays and Tuesday and 6 pm on Wednesday to Fridays. And if I do decide to do one at a time after work, is it possible for me to go to work the next day or will there still be some bleeding? The pain I know I can get away with Painkillers my concern is the bleeding. It is hard taking time off in the Military that is why I’m asking. Thanks and God Bless

  • kris

    In response to judy. My husband is in the military has well so I understand your stituation. I’m a dental assistant, so I know what to expect. If you don’t have a duty weekend and your off. I would choose that week and try to have it done on a friday, that way you’ll have the weekend to rest. Most people have min. bleeding before leaving the office. It normally stops bleeding completely after 2hrs. You normally don’t see bleeding after a day. You might experience some swelling, nothing to worry about though. Just make sure you follow the instructions given by your doctor and staff and you’ll be just fine. Trust me you should make sure to take at least 2 days of rest. I just recently got my bottom two wisdom teeth so I’m putting the healing treatment to the test. So far excellent results. If you have problems don’t wait to call your dentist

  • Jessica R

    I am having two teeth extracted. One on each side of my mouth, on top. I have a 15 month old baby and my husband only took off the day of the procedure. Do you think I will be able to take care of my baby without being in major pain. Thanks.

  • AC

    To Jessica R:
    I had one wisdom tooth extracted 2 1/2 weeks ago. It has been very painful, I have dry socket which did not improve with the medication that they pack in the incision sight in the gums. finally had to go back fourth time. the dentist had to put more stitches for it to close up. The pain has not improved much. I have three children 5, 2,and 1. I have no one to help me with them it has been miserable. Get some one to help you if possible.

  • Pete


    I had one of my wisdom teeth removed, without any problems. But now a week later the front tooth hurts… it feels like sensitive but hurts like hell. i tried all the gels and toothpaste to make it better but to no avail.

    can maybe someone give me some sort of info


  • http://myspace.com/luvablelynnzii Lindsey

    I had my two bottom wisdom teeth removed on a Monday, was out of work for three days after… on the third day, my face was still so swollen i went back to the dentist. he packed medicine in my left side which was harder to come out. Its been two days since ive been to the dentist, and my gum is completely open, i can’t eat and can hardly swallow. its becoming very annoying to deal with, and i feel as if my dentist gets annoyed when i come in so often. He put stictches in both sides Monday, but they desolved already. My left side is not healed at all, I really just don’t know what to do anymore the pain is awful and i can’t miss any work.

  • jayne

    i got a tooth out last wed ,there was hardly any bleeding and the dentist did not give a bit of gause to put on it! By saturday i was climbing the wall ,with pain got a emergency appointment at g dens as it was the weekend , i had dry socket ,but the dentist was taken out bits of tooth that was still in the socket ! it is now tuesday and i am still in pain and i am sure there is still a line of tooth in the gum that is sharp , surely the other dentist would of seen this and said to go back to my dentist and get it out or is this normal !

  • Amber

    I got a tooth extracted two days ago, and I was wondering if it is ok to use mouthwash after I brush? since i am now allowed to brush.

  • Ronald

    Hello, i had the third molar in my right upper jaw extracted two weeks in a process i considered difficult and of course it was painful. Problem is, two weeks on i get a headache if i try to put a lump of food in my mouth. I get a terrible pain when i open the jaws to a certain degree which causes me an instant headache. I need urgent help on how to go about this because i am finding difficulty eating.

  • Nanna

    Hello: I had teeth removed and i got stitches it still painful after 24 hours I am a smoker i waited 24hr (sleep must of the time ) did not smoke and i rinsedafter 24 hours it still hurts VERY bad, can not eat only eating soup and mashed potatoes, drinking fluids and taking meds what can i do to stop the pain call doctor waiting for call back

  • Dr. Catloaf

    Nanna, It’s good that you’ve called the doctor. You want to beware of a condition called “dry socket,” although why they call it dry when it’s so wet inside a mouth most of the time, I don’t know. When a tooth is extracted, your jawbone is actually exposed until your gums heal back over the site. It’s good you didn’t smoke after the extraction, but wouldn’t this be a good time to quit? I take it you did not commit any of the other indiscretions that can also lead to this condition, or at least the delay of healing: drinking through a straw, drinking hot fluids or performing a BJ. Your dentist will warn you about the former, but somehow it never occurs to him/her to warn you about the latter.

  • coleen

    hi, I had a tooth extracted 5 days ago, and my mouth is
    still sore. I also had a cleaning done (also beneath the
    gum line) prior 30 minutes prior to the extraction. was this too much dental work in one day?

    the extraction was done because I broke the tooth (which surrounded a filling) when I chewed a popcorn kernel.

    The problem I’m having is the soreness, but more significantly, a bad taste in my mouth from that area. a
    co-worker told me today that the taste is from the medicine used to numb my gums. I don’t remember having this unplesant taste with prior extractions. please advise. thanks

  • Brett

    To Coleen,

    The “bad taste” is normal with most extractions. when I had my wisdom teeth out, it lasted a few weeks but went back to normal. Its (I believe) bacteria in the wounds causing the taste.

  • Derek

    I had a tooth surgically extracted last Tuesday. I have had no problems with it but a little soreness. Today (Sunday) I am experiencing a little bit of bleeding. Should I be concerned or just out more gauze in to stop the bleeding?

  • http://worlddental sondra

    I had a tooth extracted approx 12 hrs ago. Is it still normal to experience bleeding? I have been trying to sleep.

  • diana

    Hi, I had a bottom molar tooth extracted last monday (August 3rd). I experienced no pain after, I didn’t take any pain medicine, only penicillin for possible infections. The doctor did not give me any stitches and although it looks fine and I’ve kept it extremely clean, I don’t know if the two flaps of skin will ever merge together so that there isn’t this little hole. Will it ever heal over so that there is only a space and no hole?

  • Hoss

    I had a front tooth extracted this week and could not believe how painless it was. My periodontist slowly and gently extracted the tooth and I could not even tell when he had done it. I took a couple of Motrin following the procedure and never felt any pain afterward. I applied some ice to the socket for a while and never experienced any swelling. Also, there was almost no bleeding. I have had a few root canals and also found them to be relatively painless; the extraction was even easier than a root canal! I write b/c I had experienced some angst before the procedure and I want to let others know to not worry pain etc etc.

  • Abigail

    I had my upper left molar extracted 1 day ago and I am still experiencing some discomfort, swelling and soreness. My concern is I think some food particles is getting jammed in the socket area and I have tried rinsing with warm/salt water to maybe clean it out. What is the next best thing to do?
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  • Tasha

    What kinds of foods can you eat exactly because I am starving?! I had an extraction today and I really would like to eat. I am scared thoughh that the bleeding hasnt stopped. Is it ok to eat even if you still have the gauze in? and if so what can i eat then?

  • Matthew Daniel

    Thanks very much for the instructions/information on this website. It precisely summarizes all the tooth care that patients need to know about their teeth after an extraction.

    I had a tooth extracted a week and a day ago, another one four days ago, and two more just today. From my experience, I can say that I’ve grown well with caring for my teeth after extraction.

    The best care you can give your teeth after extraction are the following: just relax; and, simply follow the after care instructions without any worries.

    The more you worry about your teeth and feel afraid of doing things you’re not sure of if they’ll hurt you or not, the more you do mistakes. Just relax and don’t think that the worst will happen to you — “dry sockets”, excessive bleeding, difficulty in recovery, and etc. They are only rare cases anyway.

    You should also remember to carefully follow your dentist’s instructions: to take your meds, rest well, and eat soft food as much as possible until you feel that your teeth can bear it. But, be careful not to overestimate yourself.

    Last, I think this is the best advice to stop bleeding immediately after the surgery: after biting firmly on the gauze (as firm as possible to stop bleeding), get yourself some ice cream! My surgery ended at 4PM, and by 5PM, I could go on without biting on any gauze anymore. But, just don’t forget to take it easy and rest your mouth (not just your teeth) well. And, let your blood form a clot to stop the bleeding!

    Good luck! 😀

  • Peter

    Hi, I had six teeth removed six weeks ago including 2 wisdom teeth, operation went well and have had little pain since. I have an issue now however, in that my mouth only opens about 3 cms, whereas before it would open much wider.

    Anyone else had this issue, or may know what it might be?

  • Velena

    I just had my upper right molar (#2) surgically extracted on sat. (Four days ago) I was terrified and after having it done it was much better than expected. My gums around the area are still sore but they are healing well. Just follow the after care instruction to the letter and you should be just fine.

  • Melissa

    What relief an extraction brings, especially when you’ve had an abscessing tooth with the roots exposed! Once the roots become exposed the decay is usually too far down for the tooth to be saved via a root canal. >>> PRIOR – I’m deathly afraid of the dentist and used the anxiety medication that my regular doctor had prescribed and made the process so much easier to deal with. >>> DURING – It only took a total of a few minutes to have the actual molar tooth removed. I bit down on some gauze for a few hours, changing it in between times, and yes it did slightly bleed for an hour after I removed the gauze. The first time I pulled the gauze out I noticed a huge clump of mucus textured blood; this was the clot that was suppose to have stayed in my mouth, so I had to insert another piece of gauze until it came out without the clump of mucus, just the blood. >>> AFTER – For the first 12 hours, after, I drank water and pureed my food up. My hot cereal and chili liquified very well in the blender, with a little water added. I made sure it was luke warm and only put small spoonfuls in the opposite side of my mouth where the tooth was pulled. At 24 hours I still had not brushed my teeth, since the extraction, just followed the Dr.’s orders to gently swish and “drool” out (NOT spit) the salted water every 2 hours. Everything is fine so far, I started chewing soft foods (bread, peanut butter, yogurt, pea soup, etc.) ONLY on the opposite side than where the tooth was pulled.

  • cassie

    lots of good info but you should have included more food suggestions. this site came up when i searched “foods to eat after tooth extractions”

  • mike

    for people having bleeding problems , put a tea bag directly on extraction area with gauze on top . this will help with clotting !

  • Pauline Harmer

    I had an upper molar extracted at 12 noon today. I was very nervous but the Dentist and his staff were wonderful and put me at my ease. I had a little pain when the novocain wore off but a couple of Advil took care of it. I was so hungry by around 3 that I ate some mac and cheese and had a chocolate mousse (Heaven!) I was doing so well and then a friend of mine phoned to check on me and while I was talking to her, I could taste blood in my mouth. Uh oh my socket is bleeding again….Is this normal? I have put some gauze back in but it makes me gag. I hope it stops soon.

  • Dawn

    I recently had my upper molar removed becuase the tooth was “dead”..My teeth are very tight together and I have insane roots (in my sinus cavity)..the dentist took about 20 minutes just to loosen the tooth in order to pull it! He then told me that the reason why I was in so much pain was due to some infection behind the root..he didn’t give me any antibiotics and just said to take Tylenol for the pain…3 days later, my mouth is just as sore as it was before going to the dentist and I think I have food stuck in the socket.

    any advice on how to ease the pain and to get the stuck food out?

  • michelle

    I had my molar tooth out last Wed, and i have this white stuff in it. all the left inside of my mouth is blue and feels really odd… its painfull but i am doing ok with out pain killers so it cant be that painfull. This white stuff is that the clot? as its soft and some fell out today.. im just a bit worried it might be an infection or something. MY MOUTH is still numb after a week, never had a tooth pulled ou before so i dont know what to expect,

  • Andrea

    Foods to eat after extrations: After my tooth extraction, I ate smashed up meatloaf and mashed potatos, the only requirement is that it is soft and easily swallowed. You do not want to choke on what you are trying to eat. The next day I had pizza, I cut it up into little pieces, and was able to chew on one side. And a banana. Just think about what foods are soft. pasta, fish, bread.

  • jennifer

    i had a tooth out yesterday im a bit worried cause it looks like there is a bit of the tooth still there have you got any advice that u could give me

  • megan

    i had my upper tooth in front of my wisdom tooth pulled today around 2 cuz it was broke in half. the doc gave me some tylenol 3s and they didnt even begin to touch the pain i was experiencing. so i called my dentist 2hrs later. then 5 minutes later they had me some loracet plus called in well they helped for about an hour then id be in so much pain. but its now 10 and its still bleeding. i have changed it like they said. i ate mashed taters and applesauce. this is the worst pain i have ever had and i have had knee surgery. im wondering if the doc did something wrong cuz now my bottom teeth also hurt hmmm

  • http://www.drchetan.com/ Dr. Chetan


    It depends on whether the dentist has put any cotton plugs there for stoppage of bleeding after the extraction of the tooth and a small part of it left behind when you removed the plug. Or else, if sometimes the dentist didn’t carefully remove the tooth, a part of the root might be left inside, named as Root Stumps which have to be removed to prevent any infections later due to it.
    Better visit the dentist once, and get it checked with a radiograph to see if any root stumps are left inside the tooth socket, and get it removed if there.

  • http://www.drchetan.com/ Dr. Chetan


    There could be a few possibilities, like your tissue around the extraction site might have been damaged, leading to the continuous bleeding, or you might have taken some hot food or drink (which you said you didn’t).
    The jaw bone exposed below the tooth removed, gets in direct contact with the air and liquids, this leads to delayed healing of the area. I suggest you to put some cold package there with a small pack of cotton to temporarily relieve the pain and stop the bleeding. Later on, you can continue with the Lorcet Plus (a strong narcotic pain reliever) to control the pain.

    Also, if you have any habit of smoking cigarettes, please do keep away from them for a few days till the area completely heals, and try to avoid any food materials to contact that area, or it would lead to a painful and unpleasant odor-emitting Dry Socket formation.

  • Shawnta

    Today I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. I’m not having terrible pain, in fact I can barely feel it 12 hrs later. They are still bleeding a bit so i just have a paper towel on both sides. Now my question is should I eat with the gauze/paper towel in or should i take it out to eat? Because i cant just chew on one side since i have extractions on both sides. And I was told that normal bleeding only last for 4 to 8 hrs and maybe a little bit of gushing(couldnt think of a liter term) for the 1st 24 hrs. Should I go back if the bleeding persist? I’ve been trying to sleep but I almost choked on the gauze so its really hard for me to get comfortable. Any suggestions?

  • aleesha

    its been 5th day after extracting my 4 wisdom teeth.the 3 are doing fine but the bottom one on left side is hurting badly.i went to my dentist yesterday and she checked for any possibilty of dry socket but everything was fine, the clot still there but i dont know why its hurting soo bad? i m taking advil every 5 to 6 hrly which subsides the pain a little bit but aagin pain cycle start before next dosing.
    how long will it hurt? and is it normal? or a sign of late dry socket?plz reply

  • http://www.drchetan.com/ Dr. Chetan


    Can you confirm whether you got all the 4 wisdom teeth extracted at a single sitting? Because extracting teeth on both the sides is not usually done at the same time. If that’s so, you need to stay away from chewing any food for a couple of days, because pressure due to it on any side can open up the sutures, and further bleeding (may be infections too) would happen due to it.

    If the bleeding doesn’t stop, it might be because the cotton (paper towel) is not getting enough pressure from the opposite teeth, to block the blood vessels supplying the area. You better visit a dentist if the bleeding persists. Normal bleeding usually lasts for few hours, but that depends on whether the tooth socket was closed correctly, or if you had given any pressure to that area.

    You can just have liquid foods, and more preferably cold food for time being, till the tissue in that area heals properly.

  • Xiaocong

    I have a question. I just had 2 wisdom tooth extracted on my left side (1 top, 1 bottom) about 4 hours ago. Should i put the gauze inside my mouth and go to sleep?

  • Megan Cox

    i had a tooth pulled out friday, it did ache but was fine, but it was still bleeding on saturday night at about 11pm, it is now 4:55am and is still bleeding, the blood clot has come out of the hole and hurts so much, i was advised to go to causulty, why has this happened?

  • http://www.edentalhealth.com/dontfollow Dental Care

    Hey Shwanta,

    Its not recommended to go for 4 extractions at one go.. Some dentists prefer this coz it means all done in a single sitting but it is really inconvenient for the patient…

    I feel that the patient should have more of a say in this…they should be able to make a more informed decision..

  • Lor

    5 days after an upper molar extraction for an abcess, I’m just ending Clindamycin. All is OK except now I have a bad sore throat that started 2 days ago. With wind, rain, and outdoors chill, I’d not be surprised if I’m catching a cold. However, is it a good idea to get my throat cultured anyway to make sure this is not staph or strep or etc? Or would the Clindamycin I’ve been taking make infection extremely unlikely? Thanks for any advice!

    To those of you in a lot of post-extraction jaw pain, I have found an over-the-counter topical cream called Myoflex helps tremendously – it has an aspirin base, is not greasy, and disappears when you rub it in. Instant relief. Physical therapists use this cream and I’d highly recommend it. Blue and white tube usually found where you find the topical analgesics in the drugstore.

    Also Arnica gel, which can be found in health food stores in a tube, is a bit like putting on ‘mineral ice’ but even better, it is not as cold and lasts longer – great for simply helping to reduce swelling.

    Good luck to everybody w/ the post-extraction pain management, and definitely rinse rinse rinse with lukewarm salt water. Amazing how salt can keep bacteria from growing! Think of the traditions of pickling! Yep. You’re doing a semi-pickle of your mouth.

  • Nancy

    Hi! I had my third molar extracted 1 month ago. I had experienced throbing pain and still hurts until now. Whenever i eat it still hurts. Is it normal to experience this pain. I had already asked my denstist if theres any tooth left said none.

  • Leigh

    I had a molar extracted a month ago and have been in misery since. I went from a dry socket to bone exposure next to the extraction site. Have gone back to the Oral Surgeon twice for help and relief. None thus far. I can opt to have more surgery at a cost more than the extraction, or try a liquid diet for two weeks to see if that will help. This is unreal.
    Does anyone have any advice?

  • Sarina

    I had all 4 wisdoms and my #32 removed 2 weeks ago and my #30 removed today. I disagree with those that say you shouldn’t do it all in one sitting. It was inconvenient for the first 2 days but afterwards I was relieved that it was done and over with. I didn’t know the #30 had to be removed until the day before yesterday or I would have opted to have it pulled with the rest. If I had done them 2 at a time I would’ve been miserable healing and then knowing I had to start all over again. My advice is if you have to get multiple pulled do it at once and get it over with, you’ll be so relieved when it’s done that you did it.

    As far as food goes I ate a lot of mashed potatoes! Jello and pudding are good snacks but it’s empty calories and won’t help you feel full. It might sound gross but baby food is soft enough that you don’t have to chew and it’s loaded with the nutrients you need to heal. I froze the baby food fruit mixes into little ice cube trays for mini popsicles. Soothed my sore mouth and kept me full between meals. Also, Ensure and Boost drinks were great for the first 2 days when eating was a no go, got all the nutrients and calories I would’ve gotten from food and felt full. Don’t get Slim Fast and other diet drinks shakes!

  • Cherie

    I had my bottom right wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. It actually had a cavity and I put it off for a long time, doing home remedies to keep it under control, before I went to the dentist. I woke up yesterday morning dead out of my sleep and dropped to my knees screaming and spitting up blood. It was horribly painful. The pain lasted for maybe about 10 minutes then stopped.

    I finally went into the dentist and they did an extraction. My wisdom tooth had a hook to it. Unlike other teeth that just go straight down, mine literally had a hook to it. So it took a little bit long to pull it out. But it came out in one piece. The procedure wasn’t real bad, the dentist was really good about keeping me numbed. When I told the dentist about the bleeding in the morning, he said it was probably drainage and it can be real painful.

    Anyways, they sent me home with a little bag with gauze and a care sheet. My extraction bleed for a little over a day. Not really bad bleeding, but still a little. The sheet I got said sometimes it could last as long as 2 days. When I ate, I wasn’t sure if I keep the gauze in or not. I kept it in and just managed and changed it soon as I was done. I would ask your dentist though if you had both sides done. I was kind of nervous I might accidentally swallow it lol. Ice cream was the best thing I had the first day. The coldness felt great. I’m only taking Ibuprofen 800mg and Tylenol for an extra kick. I’m allergic to most other pain pills so this is what I usually get stuck with. It has worked fine for my minor procedure. There’s still a little pain but for the most part, it’s been fine. I rinse with warm water and salt after every meal and every couple hours. When I brush my teeth, I just don’t do that part of my mouth.

    After the extraction the dentist told me no using straws, no spitting and to chew on the opposite side. And if you smoke or drink, don’t. I don’t know if it’s okay to drink juice or something afterwards, I been strictly on water. I’m about to try some Gatorade but when I’m done, I’m still going to rinse just to be safe lol.

  • Annie

    Dry socket? Buy Red Cross Tooth Ache Kit or Den Tek. They have clove oil. I have read numerous reviews and people say they received relief of dry socket pain in minutes. One gal reported she crushed up some aspirins and mixed with a bit of salt and put that in the socket and got relief in minutes. The rave reviews were for the Tooth Ache Kits. I found them at Walgreen’s Drug Store and they were about $8.00 each.

  • Matty Bo Batty

    This is all great advice! I wish my dentists had told me this much info…they did give me advice and paper work, but it wasn’t this complete.

    I had 1 erupted bottom left wisdom tooth removed.(it was growing into my cheek and very decayed). Day 1 actually had the least amount of pain. Day 2 was painful in the AM, very painful. Vicoden took care of that. Day 3 was better, again lots of pain meds though. Day 4 I thought I was moving along good and went to work and forgot pain meds. Big mistake day 4 ended up being the most painful day. Today is day 5, took one advil this morning, its been about 4 hours and the pain is much better today. Hoping day 6 and 7 will begin days of no to very little pain.

  • amanda

    I went to the dentist last month and they said i had a wisdom tooth coming in through the molar on my upper right side. do i need it cut out, or go back to the dentist. its causing a lot of pain?

  • Katrina

    This is all good information, but what if you had a tooth removed from both sides. Does that mean I won’t be able to chew anything til the holes heal up?

  • Gemma

    I had a lower molar extracted 2 days ago. it had been infected for 5 month had route canal treatment on it twice and i’ve now had it out. however, its really painful around my jaw and on that side of my mouth. is this normal? and when will the pain subside?

  • http://worldental.org/gums/tooth-extraction-care/28/ Kevin

    Thanks for taking my question. After a tooth extraction, if the area (gums) are left to heal properly, is there any reason for concern if that area is left open; meaning no bridge or implant put in the vacant space?

  • RJ

    I just had two of my bottom right teeth removed and they had a root canal in them. I am having some pain and I am taking the medication that the doctor gave to me. Is it normal for me to have pain even with the high dose of medication that my doctor gave me.

  • Amanda Hamilton

    I just had a molar tooth pulled due to a failed root canal. I was so nervous about having it removed since I’ve never had a tootu pulled before. It wasent that bad..the pain mostly came from the needle to get numb. During the extraction I brought my mp3 player so I wouldn’t hear it and he had it out in no time. I did feel a lot of pressure. I hope it continues to heal and I’m on an antibiotic to prevent infection and swishing gently with salt water mix.

  • WhiteIrishTiger

    O’fallon, MO had (one) free dental item done per person for first 250 to show up (doors open at 7am). I was there at 10pm the night before, was 3rd person in line (I went to the wrong door), and was out of the Dentist’s office by 8am. Bleeding continued and I was about to spit the 4th gauze pad out in 2hrs. The Dr said I got the ‘stubborn tooth award for the day and that’s just the first one’. Since it was free, I was the first extraction, they are expecting MANY more people, they rushed and didn’t explain a thing.
    I’m 40, have 10 good sized tats, and so tried not to cry but I’m not gonna tell you it didn’t hurt. ALL DENTISTS ARE DIFFERENT. This one looked nice and well muscled .. those muscles in his hands and arms went to work grabbing my jaw and trying to break my tooth apart with some tools (why didn’t he use that drill thing more than he did?). The tool rubbed on the corner of my mouth and is still sore over a day later (cracked raw). Yes I have a ‘small mouth’ but your fingers don’t have to cut off my wind pipe. I’m envious of Hoss up there that says not to worry .. well I’m glad I didn’t read that BEFORE I went.
    And yes.. I found this site while trying to find ‘what to eat after tooth extraction’. I ate plain large al dente noodles .. ones I could swallow pieces of (butter helped them slide down) after keeping track they were only on the left side of my mouth. I also swallowed apricot halves after smashing between tongue and roof of mouth.

  • shaun

    I had a tooth taken out in november and had to go back several times becuase of recurring pain. once for antibiotics after getting a mild infection again after discovering a sore lump on the side of the extraction and having pieces of bone fragments removed.

    Now I’ve only just realised that what I thought was a bit of dried blood attached to gum is that same sore lump only now the socket has healed over! I’m pretty sure its a piece bone or perhaps even a chunk of jaw cos I can actually push it back into place and it’ll slowly move back to its old position.

    the lump is sore especially at the tip and causes my jaw to ache on and off.

    I’m just wondering if they can solve this at my dentist since removing the thing will obviously involve cutting the gum open and what will happen if it stays put will it cause an infection or slowly dissappear?

  • Louise

    I would recommend the dentist X-ray wisdom teeth before they are removed, I had 2 top ones removed fine, they bled for a bit but quick recovery. I had problems with one bottom wisdom tooth just before Xmas, it was found to be decayed & needed removing, I insisted on sedation, so they made me wait 3 weeks for it, in which time I was in so much pain I ended up in the dental hospital who removed the nerve but they didnt want to remove the tooth due to it being so impacted. Anyway I eventually had it removed at the dentist under sedation, only to find out after that the tooth had broken off & the root stayed impacted in the bone, then still in excrutiating pain had to wait another 3 weeks to go through the same again thing in the dental hospital where the root had to be split in 2 and unhooked from my jaw bone. All in all so far 5 weeks of pain so far, now im hoping im not gonna be in pain for too much longer.

  • Kathy smith

    I had an infected top middle tooth extracted over 4 weeks ago. It is stll throbbing off and on, especially with exercise. It probably had been infected for years(at least 1.5 but maybe 4-5). It was cracked and it had a root canal 30 years earlier. The dentist had to remove infected bone. 2 weeks after he said it was healing well. I do believe he was right (no dry socket) but it still hurts a fair amount and ithe gum is sore to the touch above the tooth. Any ideas? I assume it should be much better now.

  • Gemma

    I had the back molar on my right side out 6 hours ago and ive gotta say its so much better than i thought it would be! Although im starving cos i havent been able to eat for 3 days and im majorly craving chips but im sure i can do without for a week or so..! Didnt hurt during the extraction(believe me i was in agony before couldnt sleep for 3 days) and because it was so tender i was expecting it to hurt whereas it didnt at all.Im a very happy girlie.The only issue is i didnt know not to smoke after until i read it online and it was too late by then but i wont from now on until im better. Such a huge relief for £16 miracle workers i swear!! People who are scared of the dentist are mad i love them i could have proposed to mine lol Hope everyone gets well soon! GL XX

  • Clark

    My son got his back two molars pulled a little over a week ago. The dental hygenist told us he was to stay on a liquid diet for 3-6 MONTHS? Has anyone ever heard of this? He is almost 15 years old and is no longer in any pain or swelling? 3-6 MONTHS? My wife was told 1 week liquid diet last week on the home care sheet, but 3-6 MONTHS???

  • Tiffany

    I got a back molar extracted over 6 months ago. The past couple days the gum where the tooth used to be is EXTREMELY sore. It literally feels like the tooth is back & hurting just as bad. I haven’t chewed anything hard on that side of my mouth and when i apply pressure it’s really tender on the backside of the gum. Is this something I should be worried about? Right now I’m taking @least 800mg ibuprofen about every 4hours to control the pain.

  • wondering

    I had my tooth pulled today and the dentist told me not to smoke but i have a major problem with that. If i keep gauze on it would it be ok to smoke?

  • dentistscareme

    I got my tooth extracted today. The needle to numb prior to extraction was more painful than the extraction. Its 5 hours later and the bleeding has eased off. I won’t be smoking for at least a day or 2 later as I’ve heard that the sucking action will encourage bleeding and slow down healig process. I’m on a soup diet for a while so good time to lose a lb or 2. The experience wasn’t that scary. I had my left upper back molar extracted, it was a little loose anyways from gum infection. So glad its out though, felt like a relief.

  • Beau F

    Hello all. Yes, just had a tooth extracted today. I came her via a search for what can eat after having a tooth extraction. So, it is now 3:48pm and five hours after the removal of #3 (upper-right molar). I experienced significant bleeding and even had to make multiple stops on the way home to “drool” the blood out. I used two gauze pacts so far and am currently trying not to use another one. I am getting hungry and will be heading to the store to get my Rx and appropriate food (applesauce, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pudding, baby food, ensure); all learned from previous posts read here. Plan on continuing ice pack rotation rest of the day and will lightly rinse with warm salt water before going to bed. I have yet to take any pain meds but plan on doing so very soon. Also, I will be taking antibiotics starting immediately. Will drink lots of water and relax all of today and tomorrow. I do plan on doing a follow up post so future readers can see how things went for me and learn from it. Note: I feel I have an extremely talented and dedicated Dr. that did an excellent procedure. If anyone is in the Tampa, FL area feel free to ask.

  • Karen

    I’m 37 and had my lower wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago. After day 2 I started getting terrible pain in my jaw, my front teeth hurt to touch, I’m getting sharp shooting pains in my bottom teeth and jaw and now have no feeling in my chin or bottom lip. Still on soft foods and very depressed, worried this numbness will be permanent, can’t stand another painful night waking in agony. Could this be dry socket? Help, has anyone else suffered this, how long did it take to go?

  • Rachel

    I had my #14 removed 3 days ago after my tooth cracked after completing a root canal and am still in pain. No pain killers are helping. It feels as though the pain is moving forward. I’m not swollen but it hurts to touch the side of my face. I’m worried I could have dry socket

    Suggestions are much appreciated.

  • Twiza

    i found ths site while lukin 4 instructions on aftercare.i hd a molar removed a week ago,i’m so darn scared of dentists that they had 2 put me on valium for 3 days before the extraction,i wish i had brought a blindfolder with me,coz those tools sent me into hypertension all over again!i feel stupid abt my fear tho, it wasn’t worth it, my dentist was so nice and patience bt she never gave me enuf info abt after care. my gum is healing well thanks to the info i found on this website, i am eternally grateful!

  • Amy

    Hello….wanted to share a positive experience I have had with my current dentist. A year ago approximately I fractured a tooth eating popcorn (darned those kernels!!!) and went to the dentist (a year later…. I know I waited too long) and he advised me that a root canal and crown could be possible. So I went back a month later when I had the money…he gets in there, stops, and tells me the tooth is too far gone to get a root canal and crown and that it should be pulled and a bridge put in. I agreed to this and he went ahead and pulled the tooth and put in the temporary. About 5 days after the extraction I felt something poking through the gums (turns out it was a bone spur that holds the tooth in the jaw and it usually comes out with extraction….) but he told me that it was perfectly normal. But wow it hurt!!! Since then I have had my permanent bridge put in and there is a huge space between the bridge and the gumline where the dentist put in a piece of cord to pull up the gums and he told me that this would take about 2 months to completely heal. I have had no complications other than hot/cold sensitivity and the issue with the bone spur. I am about a month into having my permanent bridge and it looks amazing. I still have 2 more fillings, 2 crowns, and lumineers on my front 2 teeth and I will be all done (this will take place within the next year) Tough it out guys, the pain is worth having a beautiful smile!!!

  • Taylor

    I had my upper right wisdom tooth extracted on March 3rd and I was wondering when I can eat on that side again. I do not have any pain or swelling. How long does the blood clot last? I do not want to aggravate it.

  • mariah caroline

    hello…..i had my tooth extracted three days ago but my gum is not healing as fast as i thought it would, the pain killers are over and they’ve brought a burning sensation to my stomach, it hurts, what do you suggest?

  • christina

    ok should i call the dentist for more painkillers if i finished the one i have? I had my lower molar (#6) removed on thursday and im almost out of painkillers ( i have one penicillin left and thats it. ) the pain is ok during the day but when i first wake up thats when the pain hits cuz i cant wait till midnight to take a pill ( i was taking apo-ibuprofen 600 mgs and i have none left. Tylenol extra strength dont work. Ive become immune to them for taking them for my back pain ) should i call the dentist for more ibuprofen or no? Cuz i cant deal with this pain plus being pregnant with a severe curviture of the spine.

  • Heather

    I broke a back lower tooth a few weeks ago,went to a dental hospital,3 days ago,as dentists are really thin on the ground here,so dont have a dentist.
    It took the student dentist nearly 40 mins to remove the tooth, it didnt bleed very much at all,just a few spots at the time then nothing afterwards.
    my face is still really swollen,and the constant foul taste in my mouth yuckk, it seems to be getting worse not better,I wont kiss my husband,as it probably tastes horrid to him as well,
    the swelling goes from the middle of my chin to behind my ear, Im having to take painkillers every 3 hours, its sore from 2 hours after taking solpadeine max,pain relief ,
    I was icing my face, should I now be using heat on it,Ive also been using salt water in my mouth 3 times a day, and also after Ive eaten,
    I was looking forward to feeling relieved after my tooth came out as Id been in pain, now its actually worse not better,
    Im also wondering if the student has made a huge error somewhere,and Im now suffering the consequences, I dont drink alcohol,and Im also a non smoker.

  • denise

    I had two teeth extracted 5 days ago both on top and 1 tooth on each side the left side one is perfectly fine but today I woke up and my gum on the right side around the extraction is swollen . I just wanted to know if that’s normal ? Again my right side is not like that just the left . I think I have been taking good care of my mouth I brush after meals rinse with salt water as well as regular Luke warm water … I just dont understand… please help thanks

  • denise

    Lol I mean its just my right side swollen not my left

  • Stu

    Hey everyone. I had my upper left 2nd molar extracted yesterday due to some decay that was going UNDER my tooth BETWEEN the roots!!! I curse every day I didn’t brush my teeth!

    I’m in my mid 20’s so my healing seems to be going fairly well. The younger the better they say.

    I had fairly heavy bleeding for 6 hours after my extraction. I used the teabag trick after about 4 hours of frustration and this really did slow down the bleeding. i replaced the teabag with another folded gauze pad after about 30-45 mins. 1 hour would be best if you are having serious bleeding.

    you don’t want to leave a gauze pad or teabag in your socket for too long because the forming clot may adhere to the pad but on the other hand you don’t want to remove it too quickly or else the clot will have a hard time forming at all. About 30-45 mins max for gauze pads when you remove a gauze pad, be very gentle and go slowly.

    If you use the teabag method, it must be a black-tea, like oolong or orange pekoe or earl gray because the acid in it is what helps clot the blood.

    I had stitches on either side of the extraction site and so that caused some extensive bleeding. I am still getting a small amount of blood from the stitches but my clot seems to have formed well(thank goodness!).

    I did not eat until the bleeding stopped and I could remove the gauze from my mouth without heavy bleeding. the biggest concern is to make sure the empty socket clots properly and to not disturb it! I chewed very carefully on the other side of my mouth and held my head to one side.

    I returned to work today but I let them know I couldn’t do heavy lifting. I still have some bleeding around the stitches. I think from talking and doing the physical type work I do.

    I would take at least 48 hours rest, if possible. This time would be useful ESPECIALLY if you do physical work. If you have to go back to work, avoid serious lifting and if you must bend over or lift, breathe deeply and try not to increase the bloodflow to your head!

    Soups, yogurt, canned beans, soft boiled pasta, hummus, pates, pureed veggies, cereal soaked in milk until soft, even baby food works well!

    rest, follow the instructions your dentist/surgeon gives and kinda follow your gut! if something doesn’t feel right, check with a professional. follow your specific instructions! your case might be different than other people!

  • Nakita

    I had my top right molar removed on Monday. This dentist was great since there was hardly any pain during the procedure. The last extraction I had done was very painful. The bleeding didn’t last for long which was good. The meds they prescribed I guess I had an allergic reaction to, Tramadol. I am still trying to get my strength back because the meds made me so ill. The problem is there is a nice size knot where the tooth was pulled from and every time I laugh or smile it hurts really badly. Any suggestions?

  • Emma L

    I’m getting braces in 6 weeks and it was required that I get two of my top molars out to make room, one on either side. I was late for my extraction app and ended up getting another dentist I’m not familiar with. He’s only finished dental school so is not as experienced as my other dentist which made me slightly apprehensive. The actual process was uncomfortable but could have been worse. He didn’t give me much information about healing or care and sent me on my way. It has been 4 days since my extractions, the bleeding stopped a couple of hours after the extractions however the pain has been constant throughout these days. I have been taking ibuprofen to help with this but tonight I could taste blood, looked in the mirror and the whole left hand side of my mouth was covered in blood. I kept having to spit up, applied a gauze and pressure to the area and sat with my feet up. The gauze makes me gag so I can’t do it for very long without feeling like I’m going to throw up. I called 24 hour dental helpline as it is a Saturday night but I didn’t get much help. Online I have read it is very unusual for bleeding to occur after 24 hours and so I am getting quite worried about this. I have been rinsing my mouth with warm salt water about 3-4 times each day so it should be free of infection. Has anyone else experienced abnormal bleeding? It had been bleeding for 5 hours on and off.

  • jacko9393

    Had lower back molar extracted (not by my usual dentist)last Friday (14th, am). Took 9 injections to fully numb. This was a problematic extraction.Dentist had to rock tooth (including my head!) to effect removal. Went home and didn’t feel too bad until anaesthetics wore off. Now, I’ve had a morphine injection in the past and all I can describe the onset of pain was the opposite of the morphine injection. I ended up in bed and thowing up. I took tramadol and paracetemol with little effect. Monday – went back to dentist. He gave amoxycillin and said I should feel better in a couple of days. Wednesday (2:00am)- Couldn’t stand pain and went to local A&E (E&R). I was told that they weren’t dentists and couldn’t treat me and that I should return to my dentist. Kept applying clove oil and Friday went to my dental practice and saw my usual dentist. He told me I have a dry socket that has infection. Socket was packed with a dissolvable (medicated) gauze and I was given Metrodizanole for a week. Hopefully this will resolve matter. One thing really annoyed me – the A&E offering no treatment. If I hobbled in there with a broken toe, would they say they weren’t chiropodists?? I told them I thought I had an infection that wasn’t responding to amoxycillin and they simply said that the amoxycillin was the best antibiotic for the dental infection. (I thought they weren’t dentists?).

  • Susan Smith

    4 days ago I had a lower tooth extracted, the pain is just starting to go, but i’m still left with a terrible taste and smell in my mouth, I am rinsing with salty warm water.
    ALL Seems to be going ok..except for the missing tooth and the space it was in.

    Never knew the dentist pressure digging away at my jaw could hurt so much.

  • Tiffany

    I have a whole on one of my bottom teeth where the crown came out and I have been in pain for a few weeks and I have an appointment this friday. What can I do for pain? I been using oral gel and taking pain killers like crazy and I still have alot of pain. And what do you think the dentist will most likley do to the tooth. If it was left up to me I would pull it so I wont have to deal with the pain.

  • kate

    I had a molar extraction 2 days ago because i had a cavity and the root was being exposed… i didnt experience any pain at all after the extraction and i only bled for about an hour after the surgery… its now 2 days later still no pain and im wondering why as iv been reading all these comments in regards to everyone being in severe pain afterwards and alot of bleeding.. i was warned that i would have these after the extraction and im baffled as to why i dont???

  • Cassie

    My story:

    I had my teeth out on the chair 3 days ago. My top teeth were fully out ad my two bottom were impacted pretty bad. I was extremely nevous about the procedure so i went to my doctor and got diazapam( valium) to take the night before and half an hour before the surgery. This really helped my anxiety and i recommend doing this if you dont want to be shakry in the chair.
    The only thing i felt at all was the numbing injections, and these werent painful, just sort of alarming. My surgeon was amazing, i have swelling on my cheeks but absolutely no bruising.

    On the s econd night my left bottom socket started bleeding again, badly. I stressed out. I think that night i swalllowedd
    about a pint of blood. The next morning i contacted my surgeon and he told me to pit a wet tea bag were the socket was and bite down firmly for 20 min. This stopped the bleeding but then i realised i had a Massive Long Jelly Blood Clot coming from the socket. It was terrifying. i went back to tje dentist and they cleaned it up amd now its all good.

    Get a good surgeon

    Dont smoke

    Use wet teabags if you dont have guaze

    I f you get clots dont stress, just rinse with salty water and remove if you can gently, or go to the dentist

    Stay away from straws and take it easy in bed

  • Im glad your better

    I had four teeth removed. Four days ago I had and infection as well I’m feeling ok. But I wanna know when can I eat something other then soup,when can I brush my teeth,when can I sip throw a straw?

  • chellecop

    I had 1 molar teeth removed 5 days ago . I have still pain until now for I only drink pain reliever as it was the dentist prescription. I had done this in Europe country . I had a lot of teeth removed in my country where i came from Asia ,never been pain i felt. They gave me antibiotic ,i think it helps a lot in pain. Other dentist said from other country antibiotic can only administer if you have fever it means there is infection that needs to take antibiotic. For me, I rather to take antibiotic i dont care the risk for i cannot take it the pain anymore. But right now , i cannot do anything to have antibiotic , i just only continue my pain reliever drink ,drink i have pain now in my jaw and headche everytime i drink it.

  • trish

    I have had all wisdom teeth removed with no trouble at all. I had some pain at the injection sites for a few days, but no pain otherwise. I have had no trouble with my jaws after extraction, and i could eat normally the day after extraction. I am one of the fortunate ones, it all healed well quickly. My children are the same, they do not suffer from pain after extractions. You are fine if you do not suffer any problems after having teeth out, you are one of the lucky ones!

  • LaKisha

    I had a molar removed on last Tuesday. The tooth was very hard to come out although I didn’t feel any pain with the numbing. After the numbing wore off, I could feel a lot of pain in which I took the Percocet which did nothing for me. I took the Ibuprofen and it helped a lot but was a temporary fix. Each day I took Ibuprofen for the pain but after the med’s wore off the pain was back. I did have a dry socket in which the dentist packed it with the gel and that pain stopped but the pain I’m feeling now is from my jaw. My jaw muscle is still a little swollen and hurts a lot. Can anyone tell me a good way to get the muscle to stop trobbing. I have tried a heating pad and ice packs but it slows down then comes back again. Thanks

  • Vicki

    I went to an ER Dentist on Sunday. It is Tuesday now. I had very back molars on top removed (both sides), a filling, and the first portion of a crowning, as I had a cracked tooth as well. The pressure during the extractions was a lot more than I imagined! Now two days later, following post care to the T, my jaws are as swollen & sore as ever! Was this just too much work in one day?

  • Courtney kryder

    Hello I had a upper right tooth that was infected pulled and the blood clot seemed to be going ok. Now i have a little white stuff in extraction site and it burns a little. The tooth next to it hurts and i still think i have an infection.It still feels like i have pressure/pain in gums like before igot tooth pulled that had been an infection that made even my sinuses hurt. I am a smoker but before i smoke i place a slightly dampened gauze over hole. So what now? I hope i do not have dry socket as i have had teeth pulled before but it’s been a long time and the infection has been going on since 20 i’m now 26 years old. Any advice or anything would be helpful.

  • Caesey

    I got an extraction on Tuesday morning and now its Thursday night. I got stitches but they’ve come untied. What should I do??

  • jonalyn palad

    Hi, my tooth no. 47 was extracted last Sept.13, 2012. but until now (Sept. 17,2012) I feel discomfort and pain in gums where my tooth pulled. I am worried about infection, how could I know if my gums is infected? And how true the gums infection can cause death?

  • sarah

    I had the tooth on my right side bottom directly infront of my molars pulled day before yesterday. My my mouth has been so sore, front of my neck under my chin and the right side of my face. The glands under my tongue are swollen and there are little white spots on my gums around where the tooth was extracted. From my research it seems i may have a staph infection. It hurts to swallow, my ear hurts and front of my neck. Could it be staph and what should i do?

  • Jane

    I had a premolar removed 3 weeks ago, the main reason I had this tooth removed was the vile taste and cold feeling coming from it, it was awful. I had no problem with the canine next to it. The tooth was removed and now the canine feels the same it is like a block of ice and feels out of place. What can be causing this?