Regular Dental Care Saves you Thousands

Save on Dental Care: Be careful what you consume

Smoking, drinking red wine and coffee in excess can actually lead to dental staining sooner or later.

If you need to whiten your teeth at the dentist, you will need to take out of pocket about $1,000. So, it is a wise choice to eliminate these foods/habits from your diet, and you will save money but also save your health.

Reduce your sugar intake- again, it is good for your health but also for your pocket. You can easily keep new dental carries formation at bay if you will stop eating too many candies, ice-cream, chocolates, and harmful snacks.

Your tooth enamel is attacked very quickly by the acids from the carbonated drinks.

If you can’t give up for good drinking you favorite beverage, you should at least swish your mouth with clear water every time you drink such a fizzy beverage. Besides, you will also manage to lose weight smartly!

Dental decay is also accelerated by chewing gum. If you can’t live without your favorite chewing gum, you must switch to sugar free gum which is kind to your dental health. As you can note, by eliminating from your diet a handful or damaging foods, you can save not only money but also your dental and overall heath.

Save on Dental Care: Your teeth should not replace scissors and bottle openers

Accidents can happen, while you try to rip off that tag from a T-shirt or try to open that bottle with your teeth…you can chip or break your tooth.

Also, internal jaw bone fracture can happen which is not only very painful, but also extremely costly to treat. Take care of your teeth, and do not wear them down by using your teeth as an opening/cutting tool.

Save on Dental Care: Don’t choose full dental anesthesia

Complete anesthesia for a dental extraction can cost several hundreds of dollars. Of course, skipping complete dental anesthesia is only for those patients who have a very high pain tolerance, and do not struggle with dental phobia or anxiety.

Instead of using Novocain dental anesthesia, the dentist can numb the area by using nitrous oxide for relaxation, especially in the case of a simple extraction, deep dental cleaning, or a cavity filling.

Save on Dental Care: Dental insurance through your employer

Did you know that if you choose to get your dental insurance through your employer, that will not cost you more than $100 per year? Some dental plans offer very good coverage such as:

  • full coverage for two annual dental cleanings
  • full coverage for two dental checkups
  • coverage between 50% and up to 80% for dental crowns, bridges, extractions, root canal treatments, fillings, and many others. The best dental insurance plans offer up to 50% coverage even on dental surgery treatments, so explore this option as well if you want to save a lot of money on dental care!


  1. says

    This is article offers great tips on saving money on dentistry. It’s amazing amongst all the sugarfree chewing gum out there that the gums like double mint, juicy fruit, and big red are still around. And there are many at our office that didn’t know that sugar loaded gum can cause cavities!

    Also in this day and age, bleaching and whitening products seem to be common place nowadays. We are bombarded with so many whitening products at the pharmacies, and supermarkets. But I say check with your dentist first! Many offices are charging less than one hundred dollars to have custom tray bleaching done or even free with a new patient examination visit!

    Dr. Numpol Dejtiranukul, DMD

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