Protecting Your Pearly Whites this Christmas

One of the most expected time of the year is Christmas. This holiday is about family, friends, love, gifts and last but not least the most delicious treats. However, this is also that time of the year when your home is filled from bottom to top with sweets, candies, cookies and what not.

By consuming more sweets, you will not only gain weight, elevate your sugar levels and feel more tired because of this, but your teeth will also have to suffer. You need a dental attack plan for the Christmas, meaning that you need to pay much more attention to how and when you brush and floss your teeth.

You don’t want for January or February to come with dental pain, abscesses and stained teeth. Eating and drinking during the holidays should be done more consciously, and always think that all that bad sugar can be very harmful for your teeth and your overall health.

Make sure you consume your favorite chocolates with moderation. This way, you will keep your sugar levels in balance, you will stay away from accumulating too many extra pounds and you will not allow those harmful bacteria and acids to start attacking your teeth.

Christmas especially is a holiday renowned for the utterly tasty eggnogs, hot cocoas, hot chocolates, amazing flavored punches, creamy coffees and liqueurs, and the world’s best wines. In order to help your system go through a better metabolic process, and to help your teeth stay protected, you need to consume more pure water than you are used to.

After eating a chocolate treat, drink a glass of water to flush away all the bacteria and the acids from the surface of your teeth. If you cannot stand drinking too much pure water, then at least get used to rinse your mouth rigorously with water after consuming pumpkin pies, sweets, candies, or anything containing sugar.

You should rinse even after consuming a glass of wine, because this will help you stay away from stubborn stains forming on your teeth.

Eat plenty of vegetables and less red meat and consume many teeth friendly foods such as cheese, raw carrots, celery, wholegrain cereals, and fish. Also, when you create those majestic chocolate cakes at home, try to limit the sugar that you will add.

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