Natural Tips for Minty Fresh Breath

People with the bad breath condition feel ashamed of talking in the pubic, and even of smiling out of fear the other person might encounter the foul smell.

There are several remedies available out there for bad breath; it is true, some of them are good, while others not so good.

You need to understand that simply “masking” the odor with a chewing gum is not a solution. You need some ingredients, which will help killing all those harmful bacteria causing the bad breath in the first place.

Here are a few naturist tips which might be helpful to you:

Baking soda+ water – baking soda is high in acid content, so it will help preventing the bacteria from growing within your mouth tissues. Just mix one tsp. of baking soda in a smaller glass of water, mix well, and gargle often with this mixture.

Fresh parsley – the parsley is a very well known antibacterial plant which helps killing germs and bacteria within the mouth. You should make a habit from chewing on a few sprigs of fresh parsley to freshen up your breath instantly. Almost the same result is achieved by chewing on a cinnamon bar, on fennel seeds or grain cloves.

Essential oils – these are also very good for freshening your breath. Add a few drops of tea tree oil, mint oil, or basil essential oil onto a cube of sugar. Essential oils will help you achieve a pleasant, fresh breath.

Polyphenols – instead of coffee, try switching to drinking black or green tea. These teas contain polyphenols which stop the harmful bacteria growth. Also, by drinking black or green tea regularly you will also succeed in killing the bacteria that cause the hydrogen sulfide which causes the foul smell.

Important bad breath care tips:

Always scrape your tongue with the special tongue scraper. You need to get rid of the thin layer of whitish substance which is the main culprit for the bad breath.

Never use mouthwashes containing alcohol- these will only dry up your mouth even more, thus aggravating the bad breath condition. Instead, use a mouthwash with essential oils (such as lemon oil) which keep the tissues lubricated and also help killing all those harmful germs.

Get professional dental cleaning at the dentist at least twice per year. Removing plaque buildup is extremely important, and professional cleaning will also help you get rid of breath.

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