What Your Mouth Reveals About your Health

According to experts in the health field, brushing the teeth at least two times every day will help prevent heart diseases and stroke.

However, there are many people who simply cannot acknowledge the fact that by respecting a healthy dental cleaning regimen every day can help build a barrier against so many serious health conditions.

The human mouth is basically the entry way to the rest of the organism, and if the teeth and gums are healthy, and bacteria cannot enter the bloodstream from there, the other organs are also protected.

Clinical director of Ultrasmile Dentistry Dr. Thang Ngheim states that the condition of our teeth can give us a warning sign regarding all kinds of severe health conditions such as anemia, diabetes, liver disease and even HIV. He further reveals which are those signs in our mouth that can show there is a certain serious disease threatening our life.

For example, the dry mouth condition can be the result of allergies, smoking or dehydration. However, if none of these apply to you, the dry mouth could reveal an underlying Sjogren’s syndrome.

This condition will cause not only chronic dry mouth condition, but the patient also struggles with dry eyes. This is so, because this auto immune system disease actually manifests through the fact that the glands responsible for producing the saliva and the tears, are destroyed.

Then, the chipped enamel on the teeth might be the sign that you are struggling with acid reflux. The acid from the stomach will leak up through the esophagus, provoking heartburns but this acid can also have a devastating effect on the enamel of the teeth.

The white tongue might be a sign of mouth cancer. Most often, the patient will present lace like patterns on the surface of the tongue, the inner cheeks, and there also might be present ulcerations on the tongue.

In the majority of people, the white tongue is not the sign of a life threatening condition, but it definitely requires constant monitoring in order to rule out the presence of a cancerous disease.

Another very important warning sign is if the individual presents a yellowish coloring of the soft tissue on the palate or under the tongue. Such coloring indicates that the patient is struggling with a disease of the liver.

Some sings showing that one is struggling with an anemic condition, are when the tongue is extremely smooth and it has a reddish hue (“glossitis” in medical terms). Also, there might appear a few cracks at the corner of the mouth.

All these signs are not presented in order to scare patients, but on the contrary to make them recognize the situation when they might struggle with a health condition of which they were not aware. With early diagnosis and proper care, health can be restored in a relatively short time.

One of the first signs showing that the patient is struggling with an HIV infection is the oral thrush. Certainly, oral thrush can also appear as the result of the prolonged use of antibiotics, or steroidal medicines.

Then, people struggling with gum disease are actually more exposed to developing heart complications, or even stroke. Dr. Ngheim explains that this happens mainly because there are white cells formed in the organism by the bacteria that caused the gum disease in the first place.

Then, an elevated level of white cells can contribute to such conditions as heart disease or stroke.