Men Care about Dental Health Less than Women, Study Shows

The greatest majority of men decide to visit the dentist as a last resource option- when there is already pain, infection and great discomfort present. Statistics point out that an average man brushes his teeth 1.9 times per day, and by the age of 72 he loses about 6 permanent teeth, but if he is smoking he will most likely lose 12 teeth.

Periodontal Disease high Health Risks

The more you neglect oral health, the greater the chances of developing periodontal disease. Basically, gum disease forms as a result of too much dental plaque accumulation which hardens and then tartar forms.

The bacteria that reside within the tartar will emit acids which attack the gums. Furthermore, gum disease is strongly linked to cardiovascular health risks and even stroke.  Know it is time to see urgently a dentist if your gums are bleeding often during brushing, if bad breath is quite persistent, if the teeth seem to have become loose or if your gums are tender and swollen.

Prescription medication can ruin the teeth

In case you are taking certain medication such as antidepressants, high blood pressure medicine or heart medication, all these can bring about as a side effect a dry mouth. When there is not enough saliva flow in your mouth, the teeth are not protected from acids and bacteria attacks.

Saliva acts as natural protector of the oral cavity “flushing away” all the food particles, debris, bacteria and acids. A lack of proper saliva flow increases the risk for dental cavities and bad breath.

Chewing tobacco/Smoking signal great risk for oral cancer

Both these bad habits act as a main enemy of your oral health. Smoking and/or chewing tobacco increases greatly your risk for developing oral cancer and gum disease. Keep in mind that oral cancer can be cured, but only if found in the early stages.

This is why it is extremely important to schedule regular oral cancer checks, especially if you are a smoker or if you consume alcoholic drinks on a regular basis. Oral cancer tests give you the peace of mind you need. And they are painless.

Playing Sports & Dental Traumas

Men are active and live on the adventurous side of life, but playing sports (contact sports, football, basketball, etc.) can expose you to dental trauma risks. Being active is good for overall health, but you should take a few measures of precaution.

For example, make sure to wear protective mouth guards while you play sports. You don’t want your teeth knocked out by accident, or receiving a hit in your impacted tooth area. The mouthguards are made of soft, flexible materials, and they can be custom tailored to your exact needs.

Talk to your dentist and get a mouthguard which you will wear each time when being engaged in sports activities.

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