The Link Between Oral Health and General Health

Most of you have already heard that taking care of your teeth is important for general health. But why is this so? Having a beautiful set of teeth is attractive and healthy, but a white and bright set of teeth is also reflecting your overall health status.

Yellowish, decayed teeth or swollen and bleeding gums might be signaling periodontal disease for example. It is not only your teeth that have to be cleansed thoroughly every day.

You also need to pay very good attention to the hygiene of your gums and of your mouth tissue and tongue. The teeth can tell so many things about your overall health:

The diabetes risk

Dental cavities represent warning signs that sugar is doing damages to your health. However, when dental decay is also accompanied by swollen gums this means that your system is incapable of processing insulin correctly. Constantly inflamed gums might be the sign of diabetes onset.

Heart complications

Several studies have proved that almost 90% of the patients who struggle with heart problems, do actually also struggle with severer gum disease. Since periodontitis can easily lead to permanent tooth loss, the bacteria can get extremely easily right into the bloodstream through the open pockets.

It is important to remember that severe gum infections are predominant in patients who have got clogged arteries, and this is a big problem because stroke or heart attack represents an imminent danger for the patient.

Cancerous diseases

Cancer is the biggest silent killer that exists. Quite often, the signs of oral cancer for example can go unnoticed for several years. This is why it is so important to practice good oral hygiene awareness and never forget to go for an oral cancer screening at least once per year.

Dentists have got now special technology instruments which can detect oral cancer in its very early stages, when proper treatment can help the patient revert to good health. If you are a smoker, quit.

If you used to go for dental checkups once every two years, now make it two times per year at least. If you haven’t been using the floss and the tongue and cheek cleaner regularly, start using these hygiene tools right away.