Life Saving Dental Cleanings

Many people unfortunately regard professional dental cleanings as not so useful procedures. They think if they brush their teeth twice a day, nothing wrong can happen.

However, the dental cleaning done at the dentist is a special “deep” dental cleaning, where all the harmful plaque and tartar is removed professionally.

Two dental checkups per year are of primordial importance, and so are at least two professional dental cleanings. Here are the main reasons for which you should not skip even one dental cleaning:

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, every single hour of every day, there is one patient dying of oral cancer. Partly, these people will lose the battle to cancer mainly because they did not keep up with their regular checkups – when disease could have been discovered early.

Dental cleaning helps greatly reducing risks such as gum disease, severe infections or bone loss. Therefore, regular dental cleanings can be regarded as playing an important role in the overall maintenance of good oral health.

Several clinical studies have proved that a poor oral hygiene can easily lead to other complications such as stroke, heart complications and other. Your mouth is the gateway to your entire organism, this is why you need to maintain a perfect oral health.

Dental cleanings help saving both your health and our money. If you skip these important dental cleanings, over time you might develop serious dental complications such as abscesses, badly stained teeth or you might even lose your teeth because of severe gum disease.

Fixing these oral health issues will cost you a fortune compared to how much regular dental cleanings cost (you may not even have to pay for them, if they are covered by your dental insurance plan).

Patients with bad breath complications can reverse to good health if they have their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Partly, bad breath is caused by the plaque and tartar deposits and by the food particles stuck in between your teeth. Regular brushing at home helps you a little bit, but nothing compared to professional dental cleaning.

Dental cleaning will also help whitening your teeth. You should not use only those teeth whitening products that contain peroxide and which might weaken the enamel of your teeth. With regular dental cleaning, your teeth will be brighter, shinier, healthier and much whiter.

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