Harmful Ingredients in Toothpaste

It’s foamy, smells good, gives a fresh breath and cleans our teeth…and that’s it. The mouth is our main gateway to the entire system, and the mouth is the one through which we add nutrients to your system, but also possible toxic ingredients. Just keep on reading to find out some of the hidden dangers in the common toothpaste.

Controversial fluoride

For children, it would be a good idea to stay away completely from fluoride toothpaste. Even the FDA warns that this should be kept away from children, and if the child accidentally swallows it, you should immediately contact the Poison Control Center.

Kids toothpaste with fluoride has some inciting bubblegum or candy flavor, and this will invite kids to swallow instead of rinsing thoroughly. Fluoride toothpaste ingestion could be fatal- if a 4-year old would swallow about half a tube, it can cause death.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

The common foaming agent, the same used in shampoo, bubble bath & dishwashers

You don’t want chemical foaming, soap like agents in your mouth. In fact, researchers say that buying toothpaste without SLS will reduce the risk and the frequency of the mouth ulcers. The entire protective layer of mucous in your mouth is simply dried out by SLS and then irritants can attack much easier.


Antimicrobial agent used in toothpaste, deodorants and hand soap

Researchers pointed out that Triclosan can favor the growth of bacteria which are antibiotic resistant. In other words, using toothpaste with Triclosan will only open up the gates for more pathogens to create havoc within your mouth.


The artificial sweetener.

This ingredient is not safe, so you should avoid buying toothpaste that contains it. Saccharin is only a petroleum based sugar substitute, and other names that mean the same as saccharin include: sucralose, Acesulfame-K, alitame, or tagatose. Cancer and saccharin ingestion have been linked many times in the past…

The cheapest toothpaste out there, which is the most widely purchased will always contain low-end harmful chemicals which can be produced inexpensively. Such is the lauryl sulfate, or the saccharin.

You should definitely invest into an all-natural toothpaste which has excellent cleaning and calming effects upon the teeth and gums. A little from this toothpaste can go a very long way, so you do not need to be afraid that you will have to spend a fortune on a tube of 100% natural toothpaste

  • http://www.lodi-dentistry.com Tamara

    Triclosan is also known for altering hormone regulation. I would not use it.

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