Gummy Vitamins for Kids: Good or Not for the Teeth?

For a few years now, there’s a huge trend to give kids gummy vitamins.

These vitamins look and feel like candy, and the little ones are crazy about sugary treats, so they will surely not forget to take their vitamins every single day.

However, you should think about these gummy vitamins as sticky candies which are enhanced with some vitamins indeed, but still, they are not so healthy for the teeth.

Gummy vitamins contain plenty of ingredients that can also be found in the traditional candies, such as glucose syroup, starch, artificial flavors and colorings, gelatin, citric acid and of course the greatest culprit… sugar!

Just make sure to have a closer look at the label of the gummy vitamins of your little one, and you will see at least a few of these bad ingredients listed. Of course, these candies contain minerals and vitamins, but they also cointain all the other ingredients that act as enemies of the teeth.

Citric acid is a very harmful compound, which erodes the enamel quite easily. The problem is that the enamel of children is much softer than the enamel of the adults, thus it can also get damaged much quicker and easier. When the enamel is damaged, the tooth structure becomes exposed, and then tooth decay can easily set in.

The sugars basically feed all those harmful bacteria, which will in turn form harmful acid dangerous for the enamel. The gummy vitamins stick to the tooth surface of your little one, with the citric acid and the sugars doing all the damage.

While you want only what is best for your child, you might actually do more harm than good by giving them gummy vitamins. Instead, try giving them vitamins which dissolve easily in saliva (such as chewable vitamins).

Also, after taking any kind of vitamins which are sticky, you should have your little one rinse his/her mouth with water. If your child is too small to do this, you should brush his or her teeth immediately after taking the vitamin, in order to eliminate all the possible sugary and citric acid particles from the mouth.

  • Dane Swanson

    I agree. Puting vitamins in a candy form does seem counter-purpose. When it comes to multivitamins for children I feel there must be a better way. Children don’t need more sugar. They need vitamins for energy.