Electronic Cigarette: Giving Up Smoking and Protecting Your Dental and Overal Health

Oral cancer can go on for years without any symptoms, but it can also develop and grow very aggressively.

Giving up smoking is imperative if you want to save your oral health, dental health and general well being.

By putting down the cigarette, you actually avoid risks such as oral cancer, bad breath, yellow teeth and other severe oral health complications.

A few years ago, there has appeared on the market the electronic cigarette. There were several controversies surrounding it, but now, it is widely accepted that the e-cig is the healthiest alternative to regular smoking.

The electronic cigarette is an effective simulator of the regular cigarette, however there are many types and styles of e-cigarettes available on the market.

You should run a thorough research and select the device which has got the most powerful lithium battery for a long life, and the most nicotine levels (some have got even as many as 6!) in order to be able to adjust the strength of the taste as you like.

Instead of burning traditional tobacco, the electronic cigarettes function with a special cartridge containing a liquid. When burning, this liquid is transformed into harmless, and odorless vapor, which is the “smoke” you actually inhale.

The main ingredients of this liquid are propylene glycol, nicotine, and of course a special aroma extract which resembles the taste of the tobacco. Therefore, when smoking with the electronic cigarette, you will have the same sensation as when you smoke a regular cigarette.

Thus, your brain and other receptors will receive the nicotine content they crave for, and all the harmful health effects are avoided. The additives, the tar, the chemicals, the glue, are all harmful carcinogen ingredients in a regular cigarette, and these are missing 100% from the electronic cigarette.

Also, with e-cigs there will be no legal limitations regarding when and where to smoke them. Even in places where there is a ban on smoking, you can still take the e-cig out of your pocket and take a few puffs.

Other people around you will not be exposed to second hand smoke, and this is yet another very important reason why you should stop smoking and turn to the electronic cigarette.

You can also choose from plenty of flavors, such as regular tobacco, cherry, vanilla, champagne, whisky, cognac, and others. Your smoking experience will be much more varied and exciting by trying out some of these fantastic flavors.

The ideal thing would be for you to stop smoking altogether, but people who smoke for 5, 10 or even more years know how difficult smoking cessation actually is. Your tobacco cravings are satisfied, and there is zero harmful effect on your health with the electronic cigarette.

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  • http://www.drperrone.com/services Marielaina Perrone DDS

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://greensmartliving.wordpress.com/ Angelina

    E cigarettes are giving same feeling as cigarette and tobacco products. It will satisfy your carving with different nicotine levels. It is healthier alternative to smoking.

  • http://ecigarettesworld.ie/ Georgia Smith

    The risk of cancer is more in people who used to smoke cigarettes in comparison to those who do not. Smoking cigarettes taking other tobacco products such as pipes cigars etc and drinking alcohol is one of the major causes of mouth cancer. Cancer occurs when there is some change in the DNA and the smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains carcinogens which damages the DNA cells causing cancer. E cigarettes do not produce smoke and thus the risk of cancer is also reduced. I have been using e cigarettes from a long time and these also help in quitting the habit of smoking. There won’t be problem of stained teeth and bad breathe too with the use of electronic cigarettes.

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