Dentures Proper Cleaning Techniques

Moreover, with clean dentures you will not give bacteria the chance to attack your gums and create further problems. Check out below a few tips for cleaning all types of dentures.

First, you should acquire a special brush with soft bristles that you will use to keep your dentures clean.

Use warm water and a special denture cleaning formula, and perform the technique on a daily basis if possible. Even when you have dentures you need to care for them like they were your biological teeth, in order to stay away from all sorts of dental complications.

From time to time, you should also take your dentures for professional cleaning and polishing, to the dentist. Through professional cleaning, every single stubborn stain or deposit will be eliminated successfully.

As a last stage, professionals will also perform denture polishing to make the teeth look bright and shiny. Even you can invest into an ultrasonic denture cleaner for home use, and then you will have a beautiful and clean set of teeth at all times.

How to clean partial dentures

Use your soft bristled brush and a special cream which is non- abrasive, so that you will not scratch the surface of the dentures. Your biologic teeth should be cleansed thoroughly, using toothpaste and your toothbrush. Make sure to insist on removing plaque, and also brush gently your gums, especially in areas where they are normally covered by your dentures. Partial dentures should not be worn overnight.

How to clean complete dentures

After major meals, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. This way, you will ensure that all food particles are flushed successfully. Use your soft denture brush to clean the dentures every day, but make sure not to use regular toothpaste. There are plenty of special creams for dentures available at drugstores, you should use those.

Clean the interdental spaces carefully, and pay special attention to the areas where the denture comes in contact with the soft tissue within your mouth. Don’t forget to cleanse your tongue from possible bacteria deposits.

After the denture is cleaned, you should keep it under the running water from the tap to rinse it thoroughly. It is extremely important not to wear the full dentures overnight. This way, you will allow the soft tissue to “take a rest” from the pressure exercised by the denture throughout the day.

Purchase a special denture cleaning solution, and immerse your denture in the special recipient with the solution whenever you are not wearing it.

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