Dental Plaque Removal in Elderly a Life Savior?

In this study, there were involved 22,000 patients from Taiwan, and all of them were 50+ years old. Researchers pointed out that those patients, who had their teeth scaled properly, are much safer from heart complications or even stroke, for at least the upcoming 7 years.

Dental plaque removal or tooth scaling is the procedure through which the dentist removes the plaque biofilm from the surface of the teeth and from the pockets within the gum line.

If for many years dentists have used scaling tools for plaque removal, nowadays most professionals use the much-advanced ultrasonic plaque removal tools that use water and ultrasonic sound combinations for perfect results.

Within the dental plaque, there usually reside a huge number of bacteria. If these bacteria enter the bloodstream, several health complications can appear. Moreover, dental plaque is the number 1 culprit in severe gum disease complications that can be associated with permanent tooth loss.

Even though this new research that has been published in the American Journal of Medicine does not prove that dental plaque removal will actually cut down to zero the risks associated with heart disease, it is certainly proving that patients will be exposed to considerably smaller health risks.

Bacterial infection causes gum disease, and the researchers raise the awareness that plaque may contribute to stroke or heart attacks, mainly because the plaque is causing blood vessel inflammations. Through proper treatment of gum disease, the harmful bacteria that cause the inflammation are eliminated and thus several risks are also eliminated.

Researchers strongly advice especially the elderly patients, or those with chronic underlying conditions, to go for regular dental plaque removal. These patients should have dental plaque removed at least onetime per year, in order to safeguard their system from the harmful bacteria that enter the blood stream.

Even if the studies are a little bit inconclusive at this point, people should not go through dental scaling in order to protect themselves from heart attacks. They should have plaque removed in order to protect oral health as much as possible.