Do It Yourself Dental Checkup

It is extremely important to respect regular dental checkups at your dentist. However, from time to time, it is good to check your smile in the mirror and see for yourself if there are any problems.

In case your top front teeth cover up more than 40% of the bottom teeth, there might be a bite problem present. Perhaps there is a problem with your jaw, so you should get a professional dental checkup.

The teeth of your child should all grow to full height. Check out the neighboring teeth and make sure that all teeth are growing nicely, in a natural arch. If you see any problems, you should take your child for a dental checkup at the dentist.

Do you often smile while hiding that smile with your hand? You are probably embarrassed by a dental problem, such as badly stained teeth, misaligned or crooked teeth. You should definitely decide to have the issue resolved at the dentist. Go for a dental checkup and ask your dentist about the possible options to restore your beautiful smile.

Your teeth seem to wear off in an uneven manner. Maybe you have got a dental erosion problem, or you grind your teeth at night. In such cases, a professional dental checkup will help you in that the best treatment will be advised. Often, if you start wearing a custom made night mouth guard at night, teeth grinding will stop because the teeth cannot touch. Therefore, your teeth will not erode that easily anymore.

Try biting a few times and see if you are actually biting parts of your cheeks or tongue quite often. This is a problem, as you might cause injuries to the soft tissues of your mouth. A specialized dental checkup at the general dentist or cosmetic dentist will help you find the best possible treatment.

Check regularly your tongue and gumline for lesions, scarring or changes in the natural color of the tissue. If you see any protuberant lesions that do not heal naturally after 2 to 3 weeks, you should definitely get a comprehensive oral health checkup to see what the problem might be.

Check for tooth discolorations. .If you see that a tooth has suddenly turned black or brownish, but that particular tooth has never caused you problems until now, again you need a thorough dental checkup at the dentist. A tooth that is starting to turn black can be caused by an underlying injury, so it is extremely important to have your tooth checked up as soon as possible.

Check your gums. If you notice that more and more of your tooth is visible, and the gumline seems to recede, you might have to put up with a gum disease complication. Get a dental checkup and your dentist will be able to tell you if gum recession is a problem caused by gum disease or other dental complications.