The Dangers of Fluoridation

These angry citizens are extremely well informed, and they know and can prove with facts and statistics that fluoride is harmful for the health.

Moreover, they also blame the American Dental Association for supporting the continuous fluoridation of water systems across the country.

They say the ADA and the Center for Disease Control have never actually made studies on their own, but they only continue to write reviews by paid organizations, groups and individuals that they basically control.

Some fluoride health facts:

Fluoride is a hazardous waste product. The Environmental Protection Agency actually deemed fluoride as an extremely harmful ingredient which should never get into the water citizens drink, nor into the air they breathe. The ADA on the other hand supports fluoride as being a “nutrient”…

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) deemed it as an illegal drug. It is not approved, therefore it is illegal to dump this illegal waste into the waterways children and grownups use to drink water, to cook and bathe in.

Cryolite – this is a pesticide, a rat poison more precisely which has been currently banned. This pesticide was typically used in California on fruits, vegetables, grapes and other crops. One major ingredient in Cryolite is fluoride.

Several health organizations – mainly ADA-says fluoride protects the teeth of our children from decay. In fact, fluoride brings about flurosis, a condition which attacks even the deepest cells within the system.

African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians are twice as likely to develop flurosis than white children. However, when they set the levels of water fluoridation, authorities do not seem to have taken these “little details” into account. Flurosis can bring about bone cancer, heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, arthritis, mental disorders or diabetes. So how exactly does fluoride protect health???

Science has proven that the human organism will retain approximately 50% of the intake of all the substances ingested. This is true for eating foods, consuming fruits, vegetables, and …pesticides.

Fortunately, the online world is the hugest place to find honest research papers, statistics and other important health documents. People should do their own research before agreeing to fluoridation in their area. In fact, tens of health organizations do not support fluoridation anymore:

The American Heart Association

National Kidney Association

American Chiropractic association

American Civil Liberties Union

American Cancer Association

American Academy of Allergies & Immunology

Society of Toxicology

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Activation Network


  1. says

    If you’re considering non-health organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, the national Parents Teachers Organization (PTO) can be added to your list.

    Also, the American Cancer Society (not Association) is currently listed in the Compendium section of the ADA’s “Fluoridation Facts” as an endorser. Several organizations have flipflopped over the years and that may, unfortunately, be one of them.

    Sources: online ADA Compendium and Wayback Machine

  2. jwillie6 says

    Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. No adult has ever walked out of their doctor’s office with a prescription for the fluoride drug because it is deadly poison and the body has no known use for it. It is never included in any multi-vitamin formulation. Drinking it to prevent tooth decay is as foolish as drinking sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Every fluoride toothpaste tube carries the warning “if swallowed, call a poison control center immediately.”

    As a top scientist and the premier international authority on fluoride, last year Dr. Paul Connett’s published his most recent book “The Case Against Fluoride.” It contains over 1200 peer reviewed studies (80 pages) and sound scientific reasoning showing the ineffectiveness and dangers to health including cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ, kidney disease, and other serious health problems.

  3. Skeptical Consumer says

    “Mottled teeth [from fluoride-induced dental fluorosis] are not only disfiguring in appearance but are so defective in structure and strength that they often have to be replaced by false teeth at an early age.”

    “Comparative Toxicity of Fluorine Compounds”

    Dental fluorosis is not just cosmetic. It is dental damage. Over 40% of 12 to 15 year-old children now have “dental fluorosis” in the USA per the CDC, yet dentists are pounding the pavement attempting to get more and more cities to artificially fluoridate their tap water.

  4. jwillie6 says

    The CDC reports that in the US, fluoride causes 41% of all children to have damaged enamel, called dental fluorosis. In this group, 10% to 15% have such severe tooth damage that the dental repair costs from $10,000 to $30,000, and up to $100,000 over a lifetime. Studies report that minority and poor children are damaged the most by fluoride. That is why national Black leaders have spoken out against it.

    The families have to pay this cost. Why won’t the dental community or the government agencies which forces everyone to consume this poison volunteer to pay for this damage which is forced on them?

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