The Best Child Dental Care Can Be Done at Home

Even, as a parent, if you cannot see the tooth – that does not mean it isn’t there. It is in the second trimester of pregnancy when the teeth actually begin to develop.

Some questions you have might include when you should schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist, or how young should children start flossing or will my child need braces? What is the best dental care for your child?

Preventing any bacteria buildup in your baby’s gum, after feeding, oftentimes you should use a damp washcloth and run it over your child’s gums. When you start to see the first few teeth coming in, then you can start brushing, softly, and using a child’s toothbrush.

When using a bottle to put your baby to sleep, if the baby keeps it in his/her mouth, that can contribute to eating away enamel or creating a problem for the baby referred to as “bottle mouth.” The sugars contained in juice or milk can stay on a child’s teeth for hours, even days, resulting in having to pull front teeth (for permanent ones to grow in) and cavities.

When considering a pediatric dentist, you should look at dentists who specialize in treating children. It is a fact that most Pediatric dentist are already pre-dispositioned to handle problems that come up when caring for a child’s teeth.

These specialist in child dental care also know who to refer your child to if there are additional problems with teeth, including overbites, jaw realignment surgery and other specialties only done by an orthodontist.

The main goal of a pediatric dentist is to prevent or head off any potential problems with your child’s teeth. That is why most pediatric dentist will request to do routine checkups until your child outgrows those services.

Prevention is the key. Many dental treatments operate under the umbrella of prevention. Children’s dental care is often something that gets overlooked because people are conditioned to believe that the baby teeth will just fall out and be replaced by permanent ones.

For example, the choice of toothpaste for your child can be an important one. Too much fluoride can be dangerous for your child. Many children’s toothpastes come with different cartoon characters and a variety of flavors to appeal to a child. But that does not mean that they are all safe for the child.

The bottom line is the first visit to the dentist can seem a little difficult because of the choices. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says that children should see a pediatric dentist by the time the child gets his/her first tooth and no later than one year. But that early visit to the dentist could help the child and parent know the proper oral hygiene at an early age, which can include problems identified with thumb sucking, teeth staining, sleeping with a bottle or sippy cup.

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