Caring Properly for your Dentures

While you cleanse/brush your dentures every day, make sure to place them on a soft cloth (such as a towel), in order to avoid braking or chipping them.

Dentures need to be cleaned at last once a day, using non abrasive special toothpaste. Also, ensure to use a soft bristle brush so that you will avoid scratching your dentures or making them look dull.

There are plenty of special solutions available at drugstores which can be used to soak your dentures overnight. These solutions will help eliminating any bacteria or food particles from the dentures.

In the morning, you will be able to put on a set of dentures which are clean and fresh, so use these solutions on a daily basis. Before wearing your dentures, you should always rinse them thoroughly under running water.

Thanks to the advancements in dentistry technology, the dentures now look more natural than ever. In fact, a skilled ceramist can create for you dentures which are in a perfect harmony with your physiognomy, and dentures which look just like the dental implants. So nobody will actually be able tell whether you are wearing dentures or have dental implants.

Depending on your current needs, you can opt for partial dentures which will replace a few missing teeth, or full dentures which replace an entire arch of missing teeth. It is extremely important to choose a skilled dentist who will create for you the most natural looking and comfortable set of dentures.

There are also the implant retained dentures, which are permanent. These cannot be removed, and they are fitted in the mouth with the help of 2 dental implants which will hold the dentures. However, these permanent dentures are much more expensive than the removable ones.

It doesn’t matter which type of dentures you choose- removable or permanent- the most important thing is to pay attention to every day dental care. Also avoid chewy or very hard foods which could damage your dentures.

In order to avoid changes in the shape or color of the dentures when they are not worn, they should be kept moist. Again, there are many special denture solutions which allow you to keep your dentures moist.

If our dentures have got metallic parts, normally you should not soak them in water as these tiny attachments can tarnish over time. Talk to your dentist about alternative dentures care option when these have got metallic components.

Under all circumstances, avoid placing your dentures to soak in hot water, as these can easily warp.

If your dentures feel uncomfortable, never actually attempt to repair or adjust them by yourself. Call your dentist , tell him about the problem and he will carry out proper adjustments or repairs to make the dentures fit comfortably.

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