7 Things You Didn’t Know Help Prevent Tooth Cavities

It can help you keep your teeth intact and also help prevent cavities and tooth decay. So what healthy practices can you adopt to maintain good health of your teeth? Read along to know more!

Overindulgence in sugary processed foods and a lack of proper dental hygiene are the prime causes for severe tooth decay. It is the enamel of your tooth that gets damaged due to deposition of plaque leading to the formation of cavities.

The deposits of plaque continue to build up in your tooth enamel and releases acids triggered by the aerated drinks and sugary foods that you consume, ultimately leading to the formation of a tiny hole in your tooth.

Tooth decay is the second most prevalent disease throughout the world. Yes, that’s true. Fortunately, the tooth cavities can be easily avoided.

Mentioned below are the 7 things you didn’t know that help prevent tooth cavities.

1.    Brushing Before Breakfast

While you sleep and are unaware, the detrimental bacteria keep building up in your mouth. Brushing your teeth as the first thing in the morning will certainly benefit you by helping you get rid of the sticky plaque.

It is the plaque which is the root cause of tooth decay. Brushing before breakfast will also lead to a cleaner tooth surface right before you introduce various drinks and foods into your mouth at the breakfast table.

2.    Consuming Foods that Prevent Cavities

Try munching more on high fiber foods to increase the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva acts as a natural protector for your teeth. Also, the textured foods such as berries, apples, nuts and even cheese help break the deposits of plaque stuck on tooth enamel, causing steady tooth decay. Consuming green or black tea is another great way to prevent cavity formation, as they contain natural fluoride that suppresses the growth of bacteria on the surface of your teeth.

3.    Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

Now this is something great for all the gum addicts. Chewing any gum is good for your teeth, as long as you prefer the sugar free gums. The moment your chew your gum, it stimulates your salivary glands resulting in increased production of saliva. Saliva not only cleanses your mouth from any leftover food particle but also helps in neutralizing the acids that cause erosion to your teeth. The anti-bacterial properties of saliva also help in destroying the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

4.    Use Xylitol

A natural sweetener, Xylitol prevents the bacterial growth inside your mouth. It not only prevents the formation of cavities, but also aids in re-mineralization of the teeth by strengthening the teeth naturally and enhances their healing process. You can add Xylitol to sweeten your food and you can also make use of toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain Xylitol as their key ingredient.

5.    Do Not Sip On Sodas

The acidic drinks are sure to put your mouth into the acidic state, causing permanent damage to your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. If you still want to drink on the soda pops, consume them with other foods so that they get washed away from the surface of your teeth while you chew and swallow your foods. Another way to minimize the damage is to sip Soda through the straws.

6.    Floss Every Day

Flossing is a very healthy practice of protecting your teeth and preventing various gum diseases. Even when you brush your teeth there are still chances that the food particles remain stuck between the walls of your teeth. Flossing is by far the only method conveniently adopted worldwide to ensure the removal of the remnants of food items. You should opt for floss that contains green tea extracts, tea tree oil, myrrh or cranberry extracts containing natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that boost the overall health you teeth and gums.

7.    Dental Sealants

Getting dental Sealants is highly recommended by many dentists all over the globe. Sealants greatly help in preventing tooth decay. It is a protective covering that is usually applied to the back side of the teeth and is an excellent and exceptional way of preventing tooth decay. Practically, it is a very tough job to thoroughly clean the bacteria and plaque especially in the tooth regions with deeper grooves. Sealing such areas by flow-able resin materials such as Sealants will prevent growth of bacteria as they restrict access.

Author Bio: Clara Carol is practicing dentist in New York. She loves to write when finds time she has written various articles pertaining to dental hygiene and overall health for various online health blogs and e-magazines.

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