3 Diet Tricks to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy

Dental health enemies even worse than sugar

Indeed, sugar is the number one enemy which leads to dental cavities, but breads and cereals may be equally destructive. The problem is that the starches found in bread and cereals will mix with the enzyme in saliva called amylase.

When the starch and amylase meet, an incredibly powerful acid bath will form which attacks the dental enamel. The dental enamel will start to erode, and thus you are exposed to higher risks of dental decay.

Damages are even greater when the starchy foods remain in your mouth for long periods. Make sure to rinse your mouth with plain water very thoroughly after each meal to reduce the acid erosion risk.

Then, dried foods can also pose a big danger. The dried foods have a high content of sugar, and these fruits are generally sticky so sugar will adhere even more to the surface of the teeth. Even when you consume pure fruit juices you may be exposed to high risk levels of dental decay because the fruit juices contain too high levels of simple sugar.

Instead of dried foods, consume fresh fruits such as apples, or vegetables such as carrots. Even though fresh foods are acidic in content, while you chew them you will stimulate saliva flow and the damages done by sugar are not so dangerous. Chewing on apples enhances saliva flow, but also helps eliminating all the food particles and debris stuck in between the teeth.

Loosing permanent teeth: tooth decay or gum disease?

Actually, more people lose their teeth because of gum disease, rather than because of dental decay. When oral health is neglected, there is a huge risk of gum disease present.

People who do not consume healthy foods, those who consume too many alcoholic drinks, those who smoke or HIV/AIDS infected patients are particularly exposed to gum disease risks.

Gum disease is a condition caused by the inflammation of the gums. Therefore you should avoid inflammation and gum bleeding by brushing and flossing regularly the teeth. You can prevent sore and tender gums if you will follow a regular and rigorous dental health regimen.

Gingivitis is like an alarm signal for periodontal disease. When you notice that your gums are bleeding while you brush or that your gums have become quite tender, reddish and sore sometimes, you definitely need to make a dental appointment. The dentist will immediately remove harmful dental plaque and then your oral health is under control.

Eat plenty of dental –friendly foods

Make sure to introduce in your daily dental regimen foods which are rich in Calcium, such as cheese, yoghurt and low fat milk. Always have 2 or 3 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day.

Chewing on raw vegetables will help producing a favorable saliva flow and thus dental health is protected. Drink green tea instead of regular caffeinated beverages, because green tea is rich in antioxidants which protect against oral cancer.