10 Home Remedies for a Dental Pain

However, other problems such as tooth infection, decay, or the loss of a tooth, can also cause dental pain.
Dental pain remedies can’t remove your dental disease at all, but can save you for some time.

Here are some home tested by people dental pain relieves. They say it helps! Maybe you should try it.

Anyway, you should be extremely careful making experiments with your teeth. But in this case it’s not so dangerous, because most of products you can use for ease dental pain are naturally which you can buy in any grocery.

1. Dental pain relief using cucumber.
Candy L.

Cut a good enough pieces to fit on the tooth that is hurting or any pain on the body and it will take the pain away.
P.S.: Remember to make sure that it is refrigerated it’s a better soothing feeling.
(And get to the dentist as soon as you can)

2. Dental pain remedy using dried peppermint, salt water and oats.
Carol H.

Place a little wad of dried peppermint leaves around the tooth or abscess, spit out after a few minutes.
If you repeat this several times during the day, it should bring the abscess to the surface, lance it with a pin and treat it again. Rinse with warm salt water.
Oats will work to draw out an abscess, but peppermint relieves dental pain as well.

3. Ease a dental pain with raw potato.
Amanda Alexander

If you have any cold potatoes in refrigerator peel the skin off and cut a good enough piece to fit on the tooth that is hurting or any pain on the body and it will take the pain away.

P.S.: Remember to make sure that it is refrigerated it’s a better soothing feeling.

4. Dental pain cure with real vanilla extract.
Trish G.

I suffer from constant dental pain. And whenever they hit, I know what to do! There are two ways to go about this remedy.

1. For dental pains that aren’t all that bad, put some real vanilla extract on a cotton ball and place on the hurting tooth. it’ll numb it!

2. For extremely bad dental pain (cant sleep, eat, drink, etc.) swish around some real vanilla extract on the side of your mouth that hurts. It wont taste good, but it will numb it completely. And you won’t have trouble sleeping just because of that pesky tooth ache.

5. Dental pain remedy with help of tea bag, garlic cloves and ginger root.
Irene B.

Here are my tips for easing dental pain:
– Use a wet tea bag, and place it on the sore tooth. This has helped me 9 times out of 10. In fact, I suppose you could keep a frozen tea bag in the freezer and use it on your tooth.
– Garlic Cloves placed on the tooth has helped ease the pain.
– Ginger Root – Shave a pies of and place on tooth. I hear that it helps with the infection, and it eased my pain, some.

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  • joel

    i just tried the vanilla extract home remedy as i was in severe pain. i needed to get through the night (no more dentists at this time. i have a badly damaged wisdom tooth (scared of the dentist). SO FAR, IT’S WORKING REALLY REALLY WELL. thank you so much, guys. will have this extracted first thing. again thank you

  • Niglet

    This one has worker for me and so has the wet tea brags only green tea though but one that is interesting and actually works is place a solve spoon or fork next to ur bed and put a bar of soap under neath ur sheets by your feet no lie for some strange reason this helps your teeth deal with extreme pain and also helps leg cramps to I u have a problem with that.Thank you very much and plz try this at night trust me it won’t hurt u so wut do u have to loose. Sincerly your local and trusted vegan.

  • toothey

    Ummm…a solve fork and spoon with a bar of soap? I think it’s a placebo.
    The vanilla works really well. I have not taken any pain medication for a few days now, thanks to this remedy.

  • Erica

    I used the warm was cloth on my side of my mouth and the pain went away for a couple hours and it was soothing too and kept me warm cuz of the winter weather

  • peter mcnally

    I have had an abscess for a while heated up a needle slid it up the side of my tooth untill the blood and puss came out, hurt like hell for a day but it fine now !

  • Amanda

    Omg please tell me if anything works for you,I have literally no money and barely anything in my cabinets,and I don’t have fancy spices that I’d like to have…not even vanilla…
    I have garlic powder? Do you think that would work instead of a clove? I tried the warm salt water rinse and it made my teeth feel like they were expanding and about to crack I could feel them expand..and then start to throb,I have a few different kinds of teas I was willing to try…but Idk which might work best,I have liptons original..I have nana tea,cider apple cinnamon,lemon,chamomile and honey,cinnamon,and egyptian chamomile…I also ovb. have ice,and peroxides,but my problem is that I have old fillings that need to get done,and I need a root canal done but I have no money so I have to get that extracted,and its right next to a wisdom tooth,in the very back of my mouth on the righthand side,the wisdom tooth has the worst pain though,it looks kinda greyish (I’m assuming its dead or is dying) and it has a white ring around it at the gum (I’m on antidepressents so the dentist said the natural acids in my saliva in my mouth changed causing it to eat away at my tooth causing it to demineralize it since it has an infection under the tooth/gums by the nerve and the cavity is in the same spot,and it causes an earache,so I have to get them both extracted please please please lemme know if you hear anything that works..I also tried taking 3 advils,and I’m trying to save my 5-500 sooooo pleaseee lemme know..I’m in desperate need to.

  • Amanda

    My mom has been suffering from BEYOND excruciating Dry Socket and has had to take some of the strongest prescription pain killers and Ibuprofen, but she has still been in a lot of pain. We ended up trying several things, some of which are mentioned in the article. It seems that the pure vanilla extract works very well in particular. I just wanted to mention, though, please do NOT apply oil of oregano or clove oil to the tooth without diluting them in olive oil first. I know clove oil is a neurotoxin and she had a bad reaction the other night after applying copious amounts of pure, undiluted clove oil to the area. She has just tried a piece of freshly crushed garlic clove and that seems to be dulling the pain. Applying Vaporub externally on the cheek right over the hurting area also helped. Drinking strong organic peppermint tea has helped. We will be trying fresh ginger root, peppermint oil on the cheek, and maybe an MSM paste on the cheek. We bought Curcumin, MSM, and peppermint gels for internal use because they are pain relieving, but she will hold off taking them as she is on large doses of Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is so dangerous (with the huge stroke and liver risks), I wish we had known about the more safe and natural alternatives for pain relief before she got on the Ibuprofen (it’s a vicious cycle once you’re on it). For instance, the MSM and the curcumin have few, in any, side effects and relieve pain just as well as Ibuprofen when taken at the right dosages. Anyway, hoped this helped.

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  • Danny Kerr

    Irene B, Number 5
    The Wet Teabag

    I honestly love you. I was woken up several times during the night with severe pain, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had been taking strong paracetamol but it just wouldn’t work. I thought I had nothing to lose when I google’d for home cures for dental pain, and found the teabag one. I wet a teabag under a tap for a few seconds and gently bit down on it using the sore tooth. The pain started to heal literally instantly, and after 3-4 minutes I rinsed my mouth and the pain dramatically decreased. I’m now waiting for a dentist appointment with very little pain and a fantastic technique to counter the pain if it comes back.

    Does anyone know how this works? Something in the teabag?

  • becky

    I had a tooth break off this morning.I was in pain.I went to the E.r. and they gave me these cotton balls that were soaked in lidocaine,mylanta and liquid benedryl. IT WORKS…you just put these cotton balls on your bad tooth and it numbs it and takes away the throbbing pain away.The lidocaine is the same thing in oragel. Just make sure you soak the cotton balls.Hope this helps.I know it did me!

  • Ms Jones

    Dr. Jergensen, Richard is an evil dentist that ruin my tooth for life since he pulled 2 teeth he wasn’t authorized too while I was under medication then he digged deep into my gums and exposed my nerve, I am daily, nightly weekly yearly in pain, this happen two years ago I can’t sue because attorney want money up from this man is an evil witch… He is located in Fairfield California, if anyone else have been wronged by this dentist please post so that we can get a class action law suite against him his name is Richard Jergensen, located on Pennsylvania Street, in Fairfield California by the Fairfield mall

  • Chelsea

    Well I’m only 12 but I’ve had EXTREME toothache, at first my dad told me it was gum disease, i was up the whole night crying my eyes out. But this is what DOESN’T work, although people say it does. 1)Saltwater&clover 2)Pure vanilla extract (This makes you feel as if your mouths about to blow up!) 3)Rinsing water in your mouth (Makes it 10x worse!) 4)Chewing/Sucking on bread. I’ve tried all these, so did my sister. The pain wont COMPLETELY go away, but you can stop it for a while. I’ve got to have a root canal, I’m only 12 so I get it for free! But my sister’s also had it. There’s a 65% chance of waking up during the op. There’s a 72% chance it doesn’t work. So I’m just going to tell them, I want it removed and a denture put in it. But this is what does work. 1)Painkillers,(STRONG NOT MILD) They’ll knock you out for the night, and when you awake, you can only feel the throbbing, nothing else. 2)Hot flannel. 3)Crying. Yes it’s weird. But I cried for hours on end. Not realizing that after the first 15 minutes, it had gone! But come back when I stop, it’s really weird but works wonders! Hope’s this helps.
    P.S has anyone got any idea’s of thing’s that’ll last longer?:3

  • Diane

    Hate to learn of all the bad experiences,…. I too am having dental problems. I had an old filling fall out a couple months ago and stupidly ignored the need to get it re-filled (also part of the tooth fractured so it was even worse!!) I must tell you all, the 2 things I’ve been doing that are WONDERFUL!!!! First of all: Sovereign Silver Coloidal Silver in spray or dropper, depending on upper of lower jaw, KILLS the infection like nobody’s business! And second: I have learned about “OIL PULLING”, with organic coconut oil and it is incredible!!! Actually, has almost NO scent to it, and you could use sesame oil if you want. But oil pulling is unbelievable and you should research it!? All that said, there is much to be learned in a book I discovered called – Cure Tooth Decay, Check that out and the above mentioned suggestions on YouTube where I found lots of this out myself, btw, I will certainly have to get a composite filling as soon as I am 110% sure this infection is gone. Good Luck!

  • Cecilia

    @Chelsea, when we cry we release stress hormones or toxins from our bodies. It also tells the brain that we need to be made happy because we/it are/is too stressed and, it release endorphins. It is how our bodies deal with pain that we can not remedy. You ever notice a child stops crying once mommy or daddy hold them. They know mommy and/or Daddy will help them.

  • jaclyn

    Warm teabag lessons the pain to a tolerable level. I can just imagine the first person with a toothache say, “give me a warm teabag, my tooth hurts”. A million thanks.