Precious Vitamin Defends Against Dental Cavities

Plenty of studies have been reviewed by researchers and they point out that vitamin D actually lowered the risk of dental cavities to as much as 50% in 3,000 children who were subjected to these studies.

The researchers who reviewed these medical studies come from the University of Washington and they state clearly that vitamin D regular intake reduces significantly the risk for dental cavities.

The studies have been made up of as many as 24 controlled clinical trials which date back to the 1920s and up until the late 1980s. These clinical trials have been run on children coming from all corners of the world, from countries such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and Great Britain.

The fact that vitamin D helps developing strong bones is already known in the medical world. However, linking Vitamin D intake to good dental health was something inexistent.

Vitamin D plays a very important role in dental health, and the U.S. National Research Council or the American Medical Association are only two such huge organizations which subscribe to the statement. ADA however, has rejected the fact that there could be a beneficial link between Vitamin D and dental cavities defense.

One of the doctors who conducted the review, Dr. Philippe Hujoel from the University of Washington says that it is important to take into account that ever since the 1920s, or the 1960s there have been huge changes in the environment and the quality of life of people, so these findings can be easily subjected to debate.

Even so, he says that pregnant women or mothers of little children should keep in mind that Vitamin D protects against dental cavities, so they should use this precious supplement into their every day diet. Pregnant women should take sufficient doses of Vitamin D to protect themselves and the baby, while parents should administer the daily necessary amount of Vitamin D to their kids.

This review of the past medical studies, which link Vitamin D to good dental health, has been published in the Nutrition Review magazine (December edition).

  • Lauren

    This is great to see yet another positive article on vitamin D. The message needs to get out there, it’s vital to people’s health. I just can’t wait until I see the article urging people to go out in the sun to get their vitamin D because it’s the best source for it. Vitamin D levels are at an all time low among Americans and Canadians and I feel it has a lot to do with the whole sun scare started by dermatologists and sunscreen companies. In the end those two are not concerned about your health, all they’re doing is hurting you by urging you to stay out of the sun unless you slather yourself with sunscreen multiple times a day. Vitamin D is on almost every cell of your body, you need it to stay healthy, just like you need the sun. Connect the dots people.

  • Dereck Parker

    Vitamin D has been proven to benefit peoples health in many areas. Teeth are no different and I’m glad studies like this are coming out. Every organ in our body has receptors to take in Vitamin D. Sadly, many of us don’t get the correct amount of Vitamin D. The only natural way to get the correct amount is through sun light. Lets not be scared of the sun anymore.