Nature’s Wonders Help You Fight against Bad Breath

From chewing gums and up to using frequently antibacterial mouthwashes… but nothing seems to give good results. So keep reading to find out a few of the best working natural ingredients which can help you combat bad breath efficiently:

Chewing parsley- for centuries, parsley has been used as an antibacterial herb. Not only does it kill all those bad odor creating bacteria, but you will notice that your breath is getting more fresh and healthy. Cilantro, rosemary, coriander or eucalyptus are yet some other herbs which can help you fight off the bad breath complication.

Get in the good habit of drinking green tea frequently- 2 or 3 cups of green tea per day can keep bad breath away. Bad breath is typically caused by all those bacteria residues in your mouth, and green tea can successfully kill these bacteria.

Be careful however, because green teas contains caffeine, so it would be a good choice to drink tea instead of drinking coffee.

Eat yogurt with probiotics – several studies in the field have proved that bad breath can be reduced successfully by the live active culture ingredients in the plain yogurt. Start consuming yogurt regularly, and you will shortly notice the good results.

The fruits that fight bad breath: berries, melons and oranges. Not only will you fuse your organism with more natural Vitamin C and antioxidants, but these fruits help reestablish a healthier balance in your mouth. They help fighting against gingivitis or gum disease, which can also be the main underlying conditions causing bad breath.

Remember to hydrate properly- get in the habit of consuming 6 to 8 glasses of pure water per day. As you might already know, bad breath is caused by a dry mouth. If you hydrate constantly you will flush away all those harmful bacteria that create the foul odor in the first place.

Increase saliva flow- start chewing on sugarless gum to increase your saliva flow. This habit has the same properties as drinking plenty of water, and then bacteria do not get a chance to do you harm.

Remember that you cannot combat bad breath in a day by only chewing parsley or drinking green tea. Make sure to combine as many of these good habits as possible and apply them throughout the day, to have a more fresh and healthy breath.

  • Yanis

    Usefull article, i’m suffering from xerostomia, hope your tips help !

  • Lisa Evens

    great advice