Important Minerals & Vitamins for Your Oral Health

Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for your overall dental health. When there is a significant lack of Calcium for instance, the teeth will become weaker and start to erode. An inadequate dietary intake can affect greatly your dental health, and the gums may become inflamed or the teeth become much weaker.

Vitamin A- this precious vitamin helps maintaining proper saliva flow so that bacteria are flushed away from the mouth. Also, Vitamin A maintains a healthy mucous membrane and mouth tissues. One of the best sources of Vitamin A include beef liver, sweet potatoes, melon, and spinach.

Vitamin B1- helps maintaining the natural and healthy rose pink color of your gums, and it fights off tongue inflammation very successfully. Some of the best food sources containing Vitamin B1 include sunflower seeds, all sorts of vegetables and pork meat.

Vitamin B2-is an extremely important vitamin for the prevention of cheilosis. This is condition when the corners of the mouth become fissured or start scaling. Mushrooms, milk products or lean steak are perfect sources of Vitamin B2.

It is important to mention that you can maintain proper dental health also if you start taking multivitamin capsules. Eat healthy and take these vitamins on a daily basis for at least a month to fuse your system with precious nutrients. Also, Vitamin B3 helps greatly fighting off gingivitis symptoms.

Vitamin B5 or Panthenoic Acid- patients who have undergone major dental health surgery, are advised to increase their Vitamin B5 intake as it helps with healing of the oral tissues in general. Some of the best food sources for this vitamin include liver, kidney, or egg yolks.

Folic Acid- or Vitamin B9- is the best vitamin to help preventing inflammation of the tongue, and it also fights off the symptoms of chronic periodontitis. Also, patients with yeast infection problems are advised to increase their intake of Vitamin B9.

Rich foods in Vitamin B9 include asparagus, beef liver, spinach, and turnip greens. For proper dental health and to prevent the apparition of all sorts of complications, you are advised to ensure the daily necessary intake of all the vitamins pertaining to the B group.

Vitamin C- essential vitamin which helps in combating all major forms of mouth inflammations. If there is a lack of Vitamin C in your system, you might experience very poor healing of the dental health wounds, and collagen will not form properly.

Vitamin D- for a strong tooth enamel this vitamin is extremely important. The best way to get the necessary amounts of Vitamin D is through sun exposure, because the vitamin is synthesized through the skin.

Calcium- helps repairing the damaged bone density, and strengthens the structure of the teeth. If you struggle with osteoporosis, you need higher amounts of Calcium on a daily basis.

Magnesium- is a mineral which protects your dental health in that it helps with the formation of a healthy jaw and teeth. Magnesium also protects from the formation of gum tissue in excess.