The Connection between Weight Problems and Tooth Loss

Controlling your weight is difficult, especially after a certain age, when your metabolism starts slowing down. Pounds tend to accumulate and losing them necessitates quite a big effort. However, taking special care of your oral health can help you maintain a healthy body weight, and this is suggested by latest research studies too.

In this study, there have been involved 875 people, and the average age has been 73. Approximately 48% of the subjects involved in the study did not have natural teeth (they had either dentures, or they struggled with edentulism).

When the researchers compared the health status of people with dentures and people who did not wear dentures, they found patients without dentures tended to be 4 times more likely to be underweight. Also patients without dentures who were smokers tended to be underweight and not in a good health condition.

On the other hand, quite a big number of people who did not wear dentures were also almost three times more likely to struggle with obesity and overweight issues.

People who were more likely to struggle with overweight issues were especially women, coming from families with higher incomes and they generally took prescription meds on a regular basis.

According to researchers of the study, this is the first such important study to make the connection between a very poor oral health and weight complications. Patients who did not wear any dentures were generally making the wrong food choice, and they were consuming more soft but unhealthy foods than people who wore dentures.

Another study led by Brazilian researchers found that Brazilian seniors who did not have teeth were struggling with either a too high percentage of body fat, or a too low one. That study was concentrating on analyzing body fat issues and this newer study was focusing exclusively on body weight.

Seniors need a lot of vitamins and minerals in order for their body to function normally. However, those who do not wear dentures, cannot consume almost any type of raw vegetable or fruit to fuse their organism with important nutrients.

Elderly who wear their dentures can lead a much more healthier lifestyle and they can commit to consuming healthier foods that include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, or nuts and seeds that contain vital minerals.