What is Gum Contouring & How Can It Help You

Struggling with what is called a “gummy smile” is not a comfortable condition. The smile of the patient is unaesthetic because more of the gumline is visible than the teeth themselves.

Besides the aesthetic part, there is also the functional one.

A patient with a gummy smile cannot eat or speak comfortably, and the best solution to treat the problem is a cosmetic dental treatment called gum contouring or gum reshaping.

Typically, the dentist is going to use the surgical scalpel to reshape the gumline, and make the teeth and gum line proportion more balanced.

At more advanced dental clinics the procedure can also be done with the laser, and then healing time is much shorter and the results much better.

The main advantage of using the laser over the scalpel is that the blood vessels can be sealed effectively during the procedure thus less bleeding or inflammation being present.

Sometimes, the dentist will also include veneers or dental crowns application as part of the treatment, to create a perfectly straight and beautiful smile.

Excessive gum is being trimmed away nicely with the laser or the scalpel, in order to help exposing more of the healthy tooth and make the gumline narrower as it normally should be.

In rare cases, the cosmetic dentist will also have to remove some of the jaw bone that can be found at the root of the tooth to get better results. Besides restoring the entire functionality of the teeth, gum reshaping will also help restoring the self confidence of the patient.

Some risks & benefits of gum contouring:

- If the surgical scalpel is being used, healing time will take much longer. This is why, if possible choose the dental laser treatment for gum reshaping.

- Contrary to popular beliefs, gum reshaping is painless. The dentist will use an anesthetic, and some discomfort will be present only after the procedure, during the healing time.

- In order to improve the looks of your dental arch, the dentist might have to remove some of the bone as well. This is a more complex procedure, but the result is definitely worth it.

- When too much of the gumline needs to be eliminated, healing time will be more difficult. Swelling might be present after the procedure but the dentist will prescribe pain killing medication and anti inflammatory drugs to make it easier for the patient.

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