Tongue Piercing: A Threat to Oral Health?

Tongue piercing has become quite a trend, which actually accounts for the second most widely used type of body piercing after ear piercing in the Westernized world.

Given the fact that tongue piercing is a trend followed mostly by the youngsters, it is extremely important to highlight the possible oral health complications that such a simple beauty piercing can cause.

Even if it still keeps growing in popularity, a recently published German study tries to attract attention upon the oral health complications caused by tongue piercing.

In the study, there were included 92 men who belonged to the German Federal Armed Forces.

Around 50% of these have had tongue piercings, while others did not have a tongue piercing. Most of the men involved in the study had their piercings for an average of four years.

Now researchers have found that men with piercings in their tongues had a high incidence of cracks and grooves right in the enamel of the tooth. Moreover, these men also presented several areas within the mouth where the gums were receded from the teeth.

Tooth enamel cracks and grooves were present with preponderance in men who had their tongues pierced.

Researchers also found that gum recession was four times more common in men with piercings in their tongue. The group of men with pierced tongues was presenting receded gums mostly in and around the front teeth area.

It is important to mention that if grooves and cracks are present in the tooth dental decay is an imminent danger. These cracks that are formed in the tooth work as “collectors” of food particles and other type of debris, and sooner or later the bacteria within the tooth will cause dental decay.

In addition, when the gums start to receded, a higher portion of the tooth is exposed, and this means that between the tooth and the gums there will be the so called “pockets” formed where again food particles will accumulate and later on will cause oral health damages.

This particular study led by German researchers has been published in last month’s issue of the Clinical Oral Investigations Journal.

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    I have found this blog while searching in the web related to Piercing. I must appreciate your effort for sharing such a nice article with the readers. This is really an issue, rather to say a Oral issue in the teenagers. Most of them are having Tongue piercing and this can lead them to the Oral problems. This is very dangerous also. So this is my request to every teenagers don’t do this in your mouth. Thanks. :)