About the Safety of Dental Implants

Given the fact that certain infections can arise because of the dental crowns, the overall immune system of the patient may be compromised. To find out the answers, make sure to keep reading…

The dental implants represent the best alternative to dentures. The implants are used to replace missing teeth, but they are much more expensive than regular dentures and crowns.

The dental implants are made of special medical titanium and they are surgically implanted into the jawbone. After the healing time, the dental cap is placed over dental implant, and the patient can enjoy teeth which look like and function just like the biological teeth.

Healing time can take even up to six months, so the dental implants overall treatment is quite a lengthy one. The main advantage of dental implants over crowns is that the implants will never shift or move within the mouth like dentures may do after a certain period.

On the whole, the dental implants may bring about infections at the site of the implant, and numbness or pain can occur because of nerve damage. This is why it is extremely important to choose a highly skilled professional who will perform the treatment.

If you cannot find a dentist specialized in dental implants, you should definitely research to find a special dental implant clinic.

When getting dental implants, you are actually getting a foreign particle in your body. Anything foreign can be accepted or rejected by your body. It is the same as when you are getting a prosthetic knee or any other permanent prosthesis.

Implants can be easily targeted by viruses and bacteria, and then your immune system will find it extremely difficult to fight off infections, because this is a foreign part within your body.

Many dentists say they would rather go for a dental bridge than a dental implant, especially for people with a weak immune system and complex oral health problems.

Also, it is not indicated to leave a gap where the dental implant meets the gumline, because this can change your entire bite and the jaw will be forced to close differently, not in a natural way. The gaps will also attract food particles, and then overtime certain infections can occur.