Receding Gums Cure And Treatment

The gums (gingiva) are the soft tissues of the mouth that surround and support teeth. Healthy gums fit snugly against teeth. When gum lines pull away from the teeth, it is called receding gums or gum recession.

Receding gums are often the result of wear and tear or years of aggressive tooth brushing. However, sometimes receding gums can be a sign of something more. In many cases, receding gums are caused by periodontal disease (gum disease). Three out of four adults have some form of it, and in most cases, it doesn’t cause any pain and goes unnoticed.

Sometimes receding gums can be identified at first glance, but they may be detected by feeling the top of the teeth at the gum line. If the tooth feels notched at the gum line, then the gums are likely receding, thus hastening the decay of healthy teeth.

Receding Gums Symptoms

  1. Gums are red, swollen or tender (Gum infection and slow gum healing)
  2. Gums bleed when you brush
  3. Gums have pulled away from your teeth (Gum erosion)
  4. Chronic bad breath (Halitosis)
  5. Losing teeth (Tooth Loss)
  6. Toothaches
  7. Teeth fit together differently when you bite
  8. Partial dentures fit differently

Gum recession is more a factor of periodontal bone loss, which in turn causes the gums to recede. Bacteria in dental plaque that is not removed between the teeth and underneath the gums, causes an inflammatory response by your body trying to get rid of the infection.Receding Gums Cures

Many people who has receding gums ask how to stop gums from recession, they need to know that it is recommended to always brush softly. The exposed root surface is a much softer structure than the (whiter) crown part of the tooth. It can be brushed away with too vigorous brushing and cause gum recession. Try to use a gentle circular action and move your wrist only when brushing, not your shoulder.

When my dentist saw my own receded gumline, she explained that she sees it a lot in young women. Apparently some of us want really white, clean, pretty teeth and become over-enthusiastic brusher and brush away our gumlines. I started to get really scared about my gums when a woman I worked with told me she had to have painful skin grafts done on hers, due to severe receding.

Floss between your gums and teeth! You’ll be amazed at how strong your gums will be protected. The good news is these gum conditions can be prevented by good daily oral hygiene habits.

You may try to use mouthwash for receding gums. Your dentist might tell you about the best one.

Natural Cure for Receding Gums

Tammie from Prairieville, Louisiana writes about receding gums cure with bee propolis:

My gums had started receding so bad that I could see a space between my two front teeth at the gum line, then I read that bee propolis can actually help the gum tissue to grow back, and it really works. No more space between my teeth.
Bee propolis also reduces fever, helps sore throat, canker sores, fever blisters and heals stomach ulcers and just about anything else you use it on.

Receding Gums Treatment

Patients with suspected gum disease, and especially with recession of the gum tissues, should undergo a thorough periodontal examination including a periodontal probe screening to check for gum pockets and bone loss.

If you have gum recession, it is sometimes possible to graft tissue to cover a portion of the exposed root surface and to reinforce the fragile, receding gum tissue to protect from further recession. For those with severely receded gums, a graft from another part of the mouth may be the only option for treatment.

For others with healthy teeth and gums, there are currently two methods for the treatment of receding gums. In one treatment, the dentist drills holes in the teeth and then fills them with a material that helps keep the gums from receding further. This is perhaps the most commonly used method by dentists in the United States.

The second, and newer method for the treatment of receding gums has not yet been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Instead of drilling holes in the teeth, the smooth surface of the tooth is roughened with a dental drill.

Receding gums left untreated will result in significant loss of critical bone mass and structure. Thereby gum recession cause tooth loss with little hope of regaining healthy teeth. In significant cases, the bone loss can prevent the proper fitting of dentures.

  • Evelyn Bharath

    What treatment is there for receding gums and loose teeth because of bone loss?


    Maybe this article will become an answer for you:
    Anyway, try to contact your dentist for more accurate way of treatment.

  • patrick paziak

    about ten years ago i had a lot of dental work done including a root canal. at my last visit my dentist said he wanted to do one more thing, replace the old mercury filling in one tooth. as he was drilling he said the tooth was getting loose. he braced the tooth and continued to drill. he told me i probably would need a root canal down the road on this tooth. when i got home i looked at this tooth with a mirror and was shocked at what i saw, it was almost a shell with some new silver filling in it, and was loose. this tooth was not loose before and was no different than the two teeth behind it. this tooth was the third from the back on the top. for a couple of years i really had no problem with this tooth. then one year i had a severe sinus infection on my left side, the side where this tooth was located. i have had sinus problems all my adult life. after the sinus infection had cleared up i noticed a pus pocket on my upper gums above or near this loose tooth. i was unemployed and had no money to see a dentist, so i did what i could, rinse with salt water, diluted hydrogen peroxide and Listerine. in about a month it had drained and was ok. a year later i had a more severe sinus infection and it was so bad i went to the emergency room. the left side of my face was extremely swollen around the lower sinus area. i was given a shot and some antibiotics pills. i also got an other pus pocket, i used the same moth rinses and it drained in about a month. about a year later i go another pus pocket after a sinus infection but this one was less severe. about five years had passed their was no problems except some pressure on this tooth when i had minor sinus problems. i had noticed some minor gum recession on this tooth. three years ago i looked at the gums above this tooth and noticed that the gum had receded all the way up to the gum line, to the top of the root of this one tooth. in the last ten years i have had barely enough money for food and shelter and could not afford dental checkups. i have a little money to maybe go to a low cost dental clinic. i am afraid they will say the tooth has to be extracted. even if i got a bridge what happened to the gum loss. i believe the tooth is still in good condition and has no nerve damage. i have done some research on the internet and thought possibly a crown, a brace to stabilize the looseness of the tooth on the inside, and a gum graft might work. could give me your opinion on this. i know you can’t really give me a diogonisis without seeing the problem but i would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. thank you.

  • BC Debnath

    I have been suffering gum pain all over the mouth and teeth are loosen. 3 Teeth of upper jaw has been extracted. Till rest of the teeth are not properly settled, feeling gum pain and biting food is now almost impossible, even soft type/boiled food like boiled potato. What is the best possible remedy to get recovered. Thank you in advance. Regards: B.C. Debnath / New Delhi – India

  • Patrick Paziak

    Any replies to my predicament would be most appreciated.

  • michael corelone

    hi i have receeding gums, and have noticed that when i pull my lower lip back and see my gums under my front teeth, the area is black the gum itself is black for a small portion of it… any explaination? ive noticed that my 5year old son also has blackened portion on his gums! any help much appreciated thanks

    • Eric Holman

      That is tartar under the gumline is what you are seeing that is black. It’s the early stages of periodontal disease basically . Try coconut oil pulling, and brushing with baking soda . It has awesome benefits , so I would suggest looking it up . It can reverse it over time 😉

  • Nancy Tate

    My gums are also receeding. I do not have signs of infection in the gums or decay in the teeth but two of my molars are very loose. My dentist said that it is genetic and there is no way to stop it. Is he wrong?

  • angel malloy

    I found this article to be very informative,thank you for taking the time to inform the public on how to take care of theire teeth and more over explain what is going on with them. I myself am suffering with gum loss and being treated for gingivits. my dentist did not ccome out and tell me that i had gingivits but through the medication and signs and reading information from this site i put it all together,keep informing the public about healthy teeth, some of us are reading!

  • ambo

    i have gum disease, had root canal one one incisor, the RC didnt work as there is a small abscess on the gum where the tooth is. The perio and dentist are discussing the plan forward, but it may mean that i need more perio before further work on my teeth occurs. I had a tooth knocked out when young, didnt replace it and they have drifted to compensate leaving spaces between the teeth. The likely solution is a brace for a year, and a retainer while i sleep for many years after ..if only i knew what i would be going through when i lost a tooth when i was 14 whilst playing sport, i would have had an implant at the time and would save all this.. !

  • Jennifer

    Hi…..about two years ago a tooth, second from the back on the right top, fell out. Now the tooth next to is is very loose and the gum is receding and sore. I have no money for a dentist and need to know what to do.

  • Jim West

    hello,, my dentist says i have a moderate case of receeding gum lines of 3of my teeth..he said he would use sometype of “stuff” THAT IS WHITE AND WIL PROTECT THE AREA WHERE THE receeding gum is.. he said the stuff is the same he uses to fix a chip tooth.. he said no drilling. does this mae sense? i have not heard abotut this\thxJim

  • Nancy

    Thanks for this informative article. I’ve notice my gums are receding as well, but never did I think that anything could be wrong. I will certainly make an appointment to dentist to make sure I don’t have a gum disease.

  • Chris Spot

    I wonder if having frequent Mouth sores is also a symptom of receding gums… I have known people who always get a mouth sores and this doesn’t always happen to everyone. It’s some sort of an abnormal thing.

  • Sandy Bell

    Had wonderful gums but sine I took a blood pressure medication, they have been red and sensitive. Stopped taking medication, but they have not come back to normal. Are there perhaps some supplements that I am taking that would cause this to happen?


    I have been diagnosed with #5 on my gums and extensive deep cleaning has been suggested which costs $80 per tooth. I am an elderly person on a fixed budget and wish to do the at home treatment. I do not have bleeding. I clean my teeth daily and utilize dental floss. I have three permanent bridges and 5 root canals. I have heard about Epsom Salts, milk of magnesia or baking soda treatments. Please give me some suggestions so that I do not have to go through the painful deep cleaning offered by my dentist.

  • Jenifer

    Check out the Calcium Therapy Institute site and products for healing gum disease. Dr. Mark Manhart DDS who runs the site, is opposed to the deep cleaning (really gum surgery) and says it is not necessary.

  • Faith

    Check out the Weston Price protocol…eliminate toothpaste and make your own powders. I changed and got rid of the spots on my daughter’s teeth and her health improve. Now she is living elsewhere, decided I knew nothing, health is worse and so are her teeth.