Natural Gum Disease Treatment And Prevention

There are several inflammatory diseases that affects periodontium (soft tissues around the teeth) they are called periodontitis or gum disease. This condition leads to loose of teeth if not properly treated.

Gum Disease Causes

Majority of gum diseases are caused by bacterial infection but there are other factors that contributes to gum diseases or periodontitis. Smoking is one. It will trigger the severity of the dental infection. Other risk factors are heredity and uncontrolled diabetes.

Gum Disease Treatment

Home Treatment for Gum Disease

How can gum disease be treated? Basically, a home treatment for gum diseases is oral hygiene. It helps greatly to a successful treatment. A proper brushing, flossing of teeth at least twice a day and a mouthwash matters most. There is a special tooth brush called proxi- brush that is useful if there are gaps in between the teeth. Individuals that have dexterity problems like arthritis will find difficulty in following the recommended oral hygiene. They need a regular check up with their dentist. It is very important to a person suffering from this disease to note that this is a severe inflammatory condition that needs gum disease treatment with superb hygiene and continuance care from experts.

Professional Gum Disease Treatment

There are several medical gum disease treatments. It includes the removal of bacterial plaque through scaling and root planning but this gum disease treatment was proven ineffective. Another one is surgery. Although surgery is an effective cure to periodontitis but it has many disadvantages.

Gum Disease Natural Treatment

Experts found out that gum disease can be treated in a natural way. There are some gum disease natural treatments that known to be effective cure in periodontitis. Here are some of them:

Gum Disease Cure with Vitamin C — study shows that people who consumed Vitamin C lesser than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) will most likely develop periodontitis than people who take 180 mg Vitamin C. It has an anti oxidant that is needed to repair body tissues and speed up bone regeneration (eat fruits with Vitamin C: strawberries, kiwi, oranges, lemon).

Gum Disease Treatment with Vitamin D — the anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin D will lessen the risk of getting gum disease (eat foods with Vitamin D: salmon, tuna fish, cheese).

Natural Gum Disease Treatment with Stress Reduction — after a research was conducted to group of students under stress during examination and those who are not. It was found out that higher rates of student under stress have gum diseases.

Treat Gum Disease with Coenzyme Q10 — lower level of coenzyme q10 (an anti oxidant of our body) will most likely develop gum problems. This can be found in foods that we eat and also obtainable in supplement form. There is a toothpaste that has Coenzyme Q10 ingredient .Check your brand if it contains such ingredient if not better switch to other brand which has coenzyme Q10 in them.

Natural Treatment of Gum Disease with Tea tree oil — this kind of oil has antibiotic properties and after a series of test conducted by experts, it was found out that there was a remarkable decrease in the degree of gingivitis and bleeding. Tree tea toothpaste is now available in the market and online.

Treatment of Gum Disease with Cranberry — It should be taken 4 oz daily to prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth. There is an available cranberry juice in the health food stores.

  • Thomas Brown

    Oral hygiene is one way to prevent gum diseases. Eating bubble gum can help strengthen the gum. That’s a basic knowledge.