How To Fight Gum Infection, Things You Need to Know

A beautiful smile depends on how healthy is the teeth. Today great percentage of human population is suffering from tooth decay due to many underlying factors. One of these factors is gum infections. Gum Infections will turn into a tooth decay and later loss of tooth.

What is gum infection?

Gum infections are caused by millions of bacteria present in the mouth. This bacteria looks like a sticky white or colorless mass present at the surface of the teeth which is commonly called plaque. This must be removed by brushing the teeth regularly or else it will develop into tartar. It would be harder to removed tartar because it is stickier and it needs a dental procedure to remove them.

Gum infections usually started with the formation of plaque which later develops into gingivitis and perodontitis. It is characterize by gums bleeding, bad breath and foul taste of the mouth. Sub standard toothbrush or rough brushing of teeth may damage the gums which will later turn into infection called gingivitis and if still not treated, it will develop further into perodontitis.

How to fight gum infection?

Proper oral hygiene is the basic procedure in fighting gum infection. Brushing at least twice a day and regular flossing of teeth are precautionary measures to prevent gum infections. Regular visit to your dentist at least twice a year is also a great help. Your dentist may advice to use some product available in the market that is duly approved by FDA for dental care.

How to treat gum infection?

Treating gum infection must be done with proper advice from the dentist. There are many treatments available to treat gum infections but it depends upon the degree of its severity. An antibiotic may be prescribed or if it is severe case, it may require surgery.

Gum infections happen when you yourself did not do something to prevent them. Today there are many oral cares that is available to protect your gums and teeth. Better know them and start caring your gums and teeth before it’s too late.