What Is Gum Sculpting?

People who want to have this procedure done are often very self-conscious about the way that they look when they smile because their gums make them feel uncomafortable with their smile. There are a wide array of reasons that gums can be misaligned, too much, or too little.

If your gums are extra large, it can end up making the teeth look like they are especially small. If there are not enough gums to cover your teeth, it can look like your teeth are extra large. All of these things make people feel very uncomfortable when they smile and show their teeth and gum line.

Unusual gum lines can be caused by something in your genes or it can be as simple as some type of medication that you are taking causing the problem. If you notice that you don’t seem to have enough gum to cover your teeth, this can be a problem that results from gum recession.

Gum recession is when the gums pull back and the tooth is more exposed. This can be a serious issue because it can lead to problems like loss of teeth and excessive tooth decay. This kind of recession of the gums can also be caused by, or leading into, periodontal disease.

So, this is something that you should be concerned about for reasons of health and not just cosmetic reasons. At any rate, gum sculpting can really be helpful for people that are self-conscious about showing off their smile and gums.

Most often, gum sculpting is seen as a procedure done for cosmetic purposes, but that is not always the case. Sometimes people need to have gum sculpting done to help with other procedures, like with assistance for periodontal disease.

This procedure can also be used to help with making a crown in on a tooth longer. The procedure can also be used to reduce the pocket in the jaw bone and for procedures that are designed to regenerate the gums and mouth.

There is no single doctor able to perform this procedure. Both a periodontist and a dentist Winter Park are able to perform the gum sculpting procedure in your mouth. Different people have different levels of experience with it, however, so it’s a good idea to talk to dentist Winter Park about their experience with the procedure first. The price of the gum sculpting will vary for different reasons. For example, the more work that you need done, the more the procedure is likely to cost you. You should discuss this with your dentist and get any financing options that you might have available to you. Then, you can make a plan on how to proceed.

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