How To Grow Back Gum Recession?

Gum recession is the condition when the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, exposing the roots of the teeth.

It is a common condition for adults above the age of 40. The gums are a protective tissue that surrounds and supports the tooth.

Gum recession results in retraction of the gum line, exposing more and more of the teeth to the mouth’s environment. This may result in accelerated tooth decay and loosening of the teeth.

Gum recession treatments are varied and depend on the cause of the condition and its severity.

Non-Surgical Methods of Growing back Gum

If the gum recession is not severe and can be halted and grown back by simple alteration of the mouth’s environment, than non-surgical options are proposed.

This is generally the case for bacterial infections of the gum, particularly those in an early stage. In these cases, a professional deep cleaning of the periodontal pockets is recommended.

This involves removal of plaque and tartar above and below the gum line in order to reduce the sources of bacterial infection.

Surgical Methods of Growing back Gum

Surgical gum recession treatment methods are employed in more advanced cases, where the receded gum line is unlikely to grow back with simple means. The following receding gum treatments are available:

Soft Tissue Graft—this involves taking gum tissue from other parts of the mouth (e.g. the palate or healthier parts of the gum), placing it over the exposed places and suturing them in place. This procedure is quite easy on the patient. It requires only mild painkilling treatment and lasts for a lifetime with proper care.

Bone Grafts—exposure of the root can lead to atrophy of the jawbone as a result of bacterial infection. Bone grafts can grow back the bone, making it easier to hold teeth and gum.

Bone tissue can be taken from the jaw, hip, or tibia and placed in the jawbone. Special membranes are inserted to protect it and assist in bone regeneration.

  • mark

    i have this and its a nightmare im only 27, not alot out there that can be done, rip off dentist will make you bankrupt, nhs will not do nothing, i have to try and save up for the treatment, think its about £500 per tooth i have 4 teeth with gum Recession on the bottom. but think its slowly geting worse, this has made me so deprested and i feel old befor my time.

  • Amy

    Hi, I had a problem with severely bleeding and receding gums. I made a dentist appointment, but decided to do a little research before I go, and I have been on CoEnzymeQ10 for a little over a week now (120 mg once a day) and it has stopped the bleeding and my gums have stopped swelling (though too soon to tell fi it affects the receding gumline). Not sure if this will help, but it can’t hurt for those desperate to try something…it certainly has worked for me in the week I have been on it and there are studies that suggest it does help with gum health.

  • josie

    I use Cq10 60mg from healthspan they are brillient. I also use TePe interdental brushes daily and I’ve found a homeopathic toothpaste which helps and I also bleach. this all seems to keep it under control. I also have an hour every month for a deep clean with my hygienst, most of it’s about preventing it getting worse as opposed to curing it. My hygienist says that stem cells will play a big part later on in gum growing, but by then we’ll probably have no teeth!

  • pedram

    Hi,i have gum recession on my maxilla,more in my right quarter.I am using iodine glycerin alonge with massage,but i dont trust this treatment

  • Danielle

    AMY: Please let us know if your gums grow back. Mine are receding not from bacteria but from years of grinding and hard brushing, etc.


  • May

    I have severe gum / bone loss due to medical condition. Dentist has tried referring me to experts but they can’t see beyond disability and just want to remove ALL of my teeth!!! Not an option! I am currently trying Q10, folic acid and zinc tablets… Also teatree mouthwash and toothpaste. I have heard Neem is very good, but not managed to get any yet. Most Important – You MUST floss daily, no matter how painful!!! My tooth movement was classed as ‘3’ by one expert… Still have a couple of ‘3’s but mostly now feel more like ‘1’… No miracle cure, but if you have no where else to turn, go for it! Good Luck to us all…

  • Nicole

    Tijuana, Mexico is a great alternative for a cheap price. I go to a licensed Periodontist down there and she charges me $500. per quadrant for gingival gum grafting (that’s a fraction of the price for any U.S. periodontist or dentist).
    She does a great job, and is very up on the latest technologies.
    her number is (international number)from the U.S.