Fast Detection of Periodontitis Bacteria Now Available

Now, researchers have come up with a very useful diagnostic tool which allows the periodontitis bacteria to be detected in their early stage, so that the dentist can apply the best treatment and eliminate further oral health risks.

Your mouth is the main gateway to the rest of the body. Pathogens from periodontitis can easily enter the bloodstream and create havoc there. Several studies have even pointed out that periodontitis bacteria once entered into the bloodstream can play a major role in the developing of cardiovascular damage and even stroke.

The main source of the inflammation needs to be stopped, and for this dentists will generally cleanse thoroughly the surface of the teeth from calculus and other damaging deposits.

However, when the inflammation is too complex, professional dental cleaning might not be enough and the patient has to take strong antibiotics to fight the infection.

When the bacteria already enter the small pockets of gums which surround the tooth, the problem becomes even more complex. Researchers have come up with a very important bacterial analysis tool which will allow dentists to identify the periodontitis pathogens in less than half an hour.

Up until now, a periodontal bacterial analysis took even up to 6 hours- there are at least 700 types of bacteria residing in the human mouth cavity, and only 11 specific bacteria are the ones directly connected with periodontal disease.

The new diagnosis platform is called ParoChip, and it has been developed by scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI from Leipzig, Germany. With the help of paper points which are shaped like a toothpick, the dentist can take a sample from the surface of the tooth.

Then, the bacteria will be removed from the tool and the DNA will be injected into special chambers which contain reagents. Every diagnosis card contains as many as 11 reaction chambers, and each of them contains the reagent of one of the 11 specific pathogens of periodontitis.

The card will give out fluorescent signals, and the dentist will know shortly if the mouth of the patient is invaded with such harmful periodontitis pathogens.

The ParoChip is an extremely compact diagnosis tool, which is able to analyze multiple samples in a very short time. Currently, the device is available for use only in special clinical laboratories, but in the future these will be made available to dentists as well.

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