Cure Tooth Abscess Using Cashew Nut

We all know cashew nut for centuries but one thing which we didn’t realize was that this nut which is known by many names like cajueiro, cashu, casho, acajuiba, caju, acajou, acaju, acajaiba, alcayoiba, anacarde, anacardier, anacardo is not only beneficial to our body but also our teeth.

Most of the products obtained from cashew nut tree are essential and beneficent to us. Like the bark and leaves are used to produce medicines, while the fruits and nuts are mostly popular as edibles. Cashew nut is highly popular and has high nutritional value. Even the shell is useful as the oil obtained from it is used in medicines and industrial applications, like in the plastics and resin industries for its phenol content.

Some Gram positive bacteria, which cause infections like tuberculosis and leprosy, and skin infections like acne, are killed by chemicals in cashew nuts, cashew apples, and cashew shell oil. Even tooth decay is caused by gram positive bacterium.

According to new research, eating raw cashew nuts as the main part of the diet proved that tooth abscess can be discharged. There were no obvious side effects except for a mild transient headache in some cases. And this side effect can be avoided by taking taurine supplements.

You can just eat a couple of ounces of cashew nuts each day for a week and get excellent resistance to diseases caused by gram positive bacteria and at the same time develop intolerance to cashew nuts.

The nuts contain anacardic acids, an antibiotic which is also present in some fruits like the pears. However, it is very unlikely that the plant would synthesize an antibiotic and then fail to place it in the most important part.

It’s better to get the infected tooth treated and seal or close any cavities on the tooth. This is done in order to prevent further infection and deepening of the cavity. The antibodies from cashew nut work temporary and you require a root canal treatment if necessary. In few cases the tooth should be opened so that the entire abscess gets drained in order to relieve pain.

A temporary seal can be prepared using a mixture of zinc oxide and oil of eugenol (a complicated benzoic alcohol), the zinc oxide fills the tooth tubules and displaces anaerobic bacteria, and thus a zincoxide eugenol is better than gutta percha in a tooth abscess.

But this is not the permanent treatment plan, a root canal treatment is the actual treatment and in some severe cases, it’s better to extract the teeth if the chances of recovery are less. It usually happens when the abscess spreads to the underlying bone or adjacent teeth.

Nowadays more permanent seal are available, like Portland cement containing high setting alumina which has good retention properties. If the fast setting Portland cement is mixed with acrylic instead of water and applied to an abraded tooth with sand it will stick very tenaciously, even to enamel.

Probably coating the cement with epoxy resin when it is dry would extend its life indefinitely and this has an excellent cosmetic advantage when compared to other cements.

Hence, cashew nuts containing antibodies help in treating tooth abscess temporarily. Do not forget to consult your dentist before trying this tooth abscess remedy.