Die from Dental Infection?

Humans suffer from dental infections constantly, despite a quest for better oral hygiene. As early as 200 BCE, a bronze wire root canal filling was found in the skull of a Nabataean warrior.

Years ago it was common for a dental infection to kill a patient. Since World War II and the discovery of penicillin, it’s uncommon to hear of anyone dying from dental infection.

An untreated dental infection can spread to the surrounding tissues. Once enamel is dissolved, the infectious caries can travel through the dentinal tubules and gain access to the pulp. Untreated dental infection can occasionally result in death due impingement on the air ways or spreading into brain.

Dental Infection Causes

Dental infections usually arise from pulpitis and associated necrotic dental pulp that initially begins on the tooth’s surface as dental caries. The infection may remain localized or quickly spread through various facial planes.

Other most common cause of dental infections is due to untreated gum disease or periodontitis.

Dental Infection Treatment

The recommended dental infection treatment is root canal therapy or untreatable tooth extraction. Antibiotic treatment is also recommended in conjunction with the definitive treatment of root canal therapy or extraction.

One of the new generation antibiotics if often used to kill off the bacteria causing a dental infection. The patient should rest, not go to work and eat to strengthen the body’s resistance to the infection. After taking the antibiotic, applying heat over the area helps bring blood and the antibiotic to the problem area.

If you feel you have dental infection don’t wait until it spreads to your brain, visit your dentist immediately.

  • stinky shadow

    i have been fighting tooth infection over a yr , with sinus. after i month supply of antibotics i felt like a new person then systpm came back only to learn other half my problem was my teeth,got antibotic cleared up. i have bad teeth , due to the economy i cant afford dentist, how long does infec have to go on b 4 it hits the brain ? i got sudden chills but not chills, like shakes and theres times i have dizzy spells. only happens when i know i have infection going on

  • I feel your pain

    Listen sweetheart. You must go to the dentist asap. Maybe you can go the emergency room at your local hospital. Some dentists work on a sliding scale fee. Do not delay!!!! This is a serious matter. I’ve been dealing with an infection myself for the past few days and it is not fun. I can’t imagine dealing with it for a year!!. go now, do not past go do not collect $200!! This is not a game

    I feel your pain.

  • Bruce Taylor

    Without insurance (or money) it’s very hard to find a dentist
    who’ll treat you. At the age of 60 I had a couple of infected teeth which made me deathly ill; Dizziness, lethargy, intense headache and stomachache. I went to the emergency room and was given a script for Levaquin to kill the infection. Walgreens wanted $21 per pill. I didn’t have $210 for a 10 day supply unless I gave up food or electricity. I gave up food and the Levaquin had me feeling better in a few days. When the antibiotic ran out the illness came back. I went to the dentist with $225 in my pocket and told them my story. They pulled 2 of three teeth that were infected and charged me $224. Now I still have one infected tooth, no antibiotice and no money. The illness is coming back and I’m at my wit’s end as to what to do. I’ll have to sell something to get the money. Health is more important than anything else.

  • Apple

    I was a teacher and did not want to take the time off to get my infected tooth fixed. I finally did (extraction) and months later I found out I had endocarditis. My heart was infected FROM my abscessed tooth and resulting extraction. I am now susceptible to reinfection for the rest of my life. My life has forever changed because of this occurrence.
    Do not hesitate if you feel sick and have a tooth infection. My only symptoms were chills, fatigue, headache and dizziness. I had NO fever. The dizziness ended up being a result of part of the infection from my heart lodging in my brain. The ER found a lesion in my brain and admitted me. Now, the really bad part, 3 hospitals could not find out what CAUSED the lesion and kept giving me medicines and sending me on my way. Please, If you end up going to a hospital for this, remember:

    Insist on two blood CULTURES to check for endocarditis.

    It’s really rare, and seriously, three hospitals did not find it. Thank God for MAYO (they are the only ones who found the actual cause of my symptoms and didn’t just try to treat the symptoms)- or I’d be dead right now.

    I hope this helps someone.