Boost Your Gum Health with These Tips

Whether it is gingivitis, gums inflammation, irritation, tenderness or a more progressed periodontitis…the statistics are alarming. So what is there to do? You need to make sure to respect certain gum health rules.

Signs and symptoms of a form of gum disease include:

  • constant pain felt in the gums and the teeth
  • gums which are bleeding from time to time
  • dark red colored gums instead of healthy pink
  • shiny gums
  • gums which are visibly receding. More and more of your tooth becomes exposed, and the gumline becomes thinner over time
  • loose teeth

Daily dental regimen + special gum health massage

You need to brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, in order to keep your mouth and teeth clean at all times. This way, you will also not give bacteria a chance to attack your gum health.

Besides the regular dental regimen, you should also massage your gums at least twice a day, especially if there is something wrong with your gum health.

For the massage, make sure to use a precious essential oil such as eucalyptus (astringent + antibacterial properties). You can also use peppermint oil, which also has an antiseptic effect, and helps boosting blood flow to the gums. Dab your fingertip in essential oil, and then start massaging the gumline gently.

A secret gum health booster

It has been scientifically proven that original green tea is a protector of gum health and oral health in general. The green tea has got an antibacterial effect, and it cleanses thoroughly the oral cavity. Besides helping with gum health problems, green tea also neutralizes efficiently the odors caused by bad breath complications. To sum it up green tea deodorizes, disinfects, cleanses deeply…and it also tastes heavenly!

Healthy diet=healthy gums

Consuming healthy foods will help protecting gum health, boosting blood flow and even repairing certain complications caused by gum disease:

-consume foods which are very rich in omnega-3 fatty acids + have anti-inflammatory properties. Get used to the regular consumption of flaxseed oil and fish oil.

-eliminate the enemies of gum disease – gum health is attacked just as strongly by sugar as the teeth are. Therefore, you should really do everything possible to eliminate sugary foods from your life.

-avoid highly acidic foods which attack the natural Ph balance of your oral health. In order to protect your gum health, and at least until the signs and symptoms of a gum disease will disappear, do not consume the following highly acidic foods: vinegar, tomato sauces, wine, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and coffee derivate drinks.

For perfect gum health- use these natural home made mouthwashes

Protect your gum health by gargling at least twice a day with natural mouthwashes, in order to keep bacteria formation at bay. Mix lukewarm water with a few drops of peppermint or sage essential oil and use this mixture instead of a mouthwash from the drug store. You should not use mouthwashes that contain alcohol, because these will dry excessively the mouth.

You can also use a very good antibacterial mouthwash for gum health, by dissolving baking soda in lukewarm water. Gargle with this solution after you have brushed your teeth.