Top 7 Abscessed Tooth Dangers

You woke up in the morning, put your clothes on and went to take your small breakfast.

Everything seemed to be the same except an unpleasant feeling in your oral cavity accompanied by a general discomfort.

You went to the bathroom, found a mirror and opened the mouth.

That moment you realized what was the cause of the pain you had had while chewing, the cause of that bitter taste in the mouth, the sudden and unknown sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold, and that unpleasant bad breath that could be easily felt the first moments of that day.

Dentists call it “tooth abscess“. At first abscess looks like a swelled area that turned red. It hurts and you can feel how the temperature increased.

Abscess usually appears when a tooth cracks or develops a deep cavity and the pulp is exposed.

Then bacteria invades the center of the tooth and the pulp starts to die. As the tooth infection progresses, pockets of pus form at the root of the tooth. Sometimes a patient will not even know abscessed tooth exists until he has a routine exam and x-ray.

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  • william anning

    My 95 year old mother was diagnosised with an abscessed tooth, while the dentist didn’t come right out and say the tooth s/b pulled that was the option. My mother’s health is fair, mentality… dementia and memory loss. She lives in a assisted living environment. How critical is this for someone of this age? Thank you for any advice you can give me.

  • gwen

    I have an abscess bottom right, and it is so bad that the tooth is exposed to the root. I do not have money to have this fixed and secondly I am allergic to medicine . I presume the tooth needs to be pulled but what needs to be done to my gums where the root of tooth has popped through? Am I at risk for more problems? I use salt water to cleanse abscess, don’t eat hard foods on that side and use an ice pack at night for the pain.
    Where should I go with out insurance or enough money to pay for procedure?

  • Barbara Larsen

    After reading all of these comments from people in tremendous pain from tooth problems I’m ashamed to be living in this country!! What is wrong with our health system that people have to put up with this? My heart goes out to all these people…. I am looking for answers because, I too, have an abscessed tooth – but can’t make up my mind to pay $3,000 for a root canal or have it pulled. As I read that people are in coma’s or have died from neglecting their tooth problems – I’m more convinced to have the darn thing pulled… but we should not have to worry about whether or not we have the funds to pay for these procedures… I recommend a dentistry school for people with limited funds. I had a crown put on years ago and the school was terrific. As we all age – we should move to Canada!!

  • Karen Little

    Dental coverage is private coverage in Canada. WE have to pay dentist fees also

  • toothafellar

    Sorry but the rich don’t wanna pay for helping the poor in their taxes. So what if they shipped your job off to another country. It’s cheaper labor for them. Too bad if that leaves you unemployed and unable to pay for care. They don’t really want you around anyway.

  • Rhonda Brewer

    Can an abcess tooth cause a brain infection? My husband has an abcessed tooth and now he is hallucenating, and confused. The only reason i can think of for this behavior is that maybe the infection spread to his brain. He is in the hospital, but they say they cant figure out what is wrong. Please let me know if this is possible.

  • Renee

    I have been reading a lot about tooth issues, I believe I have an abscessed tooth, as well. I don’t know where you all are from in the US, but I am headed to the Community Hospital tomorrow. I have tried the aspirin train for like 5 days now, and it’s no longer helping. I know what it’s like not to be able to afford this, and yes it’s very sad in America to have to deal with these issues, imagine the more serious ones in life. If you have any community hospitals that take poor and un-insured, like Metrohealth does here, they will help you. Here they go by what you make…or don’t make.

  • lanny

    i had an abscess tooth and now i think it’s affecting my breathing it'[s like im breathing but im not i can'[t feel myself breathing it’s scary

  • Christina

    I have had very serios pain in the blood vessels of my head, heart, & arm that seems to be attributed to several teeth – one which caused excruciating pain over two weeks ago. I took myself to the emergency room last night but was told my heart is normal after having my blood drawn, get an EKG, and having a chest x-ray. Yet the pain has still continued and has been accompanied with shortness of breath where every few minutes I have to breathe in really deep to catch my breath.

    The problem: I don’t have dental insurance or money to get this checked out. The issues in my teeth have been ongoing for the last few years. Three molars are almost completely broken off down to the gum line and another molar broke off halfway six months ago.

    Solution?? Where can I go to get answers, testing, and a proper diagnosis? I need to be able to find the source of what is causing this pain in my head & heart where it feels at times that my head… well, I better not say it.

    Please… This is urgent. The emergency room couldn’t help. What dentist has the right tests & equipment to be able to better pinpoint the cause of this so it can be properly treated. Yes, my teeth need fixing, but I’m also referring to the pain I’ve been feeling in the blood vessels int head and throughout my body. Please… Your input will be greatly appreciated!!

  • John Curtis

    There are some ridiculous comments here! Most notably, the one about the rich not wanting to pay taxes to help the poor! Hell, 10% of Americans pay 90% of teetotal income taxes! the bottom 50% pay nothing at all! Now, who’s paying for what? I am not super wealthy; however, I pay more than my share of taxes, while others pay nothing – they only take from the pot! What ever happened to personal responsibility? The only people we should be helping are those who can’t help themselves. The rest need to get a job and buy dental insurance!

    I am suffering from an abscessed tooth. The infection has spread from the tooth, to the bone, to my left ear and now in my neck. I am on my 4th round of antibiotices – I hope this one works, because it is very painful.

    If you are in a bad position, financially and need emergency dental care, call around to Dentist offices, in your area and ask if they provide free care. Many Dentist perform a certain amount of free care – all you have to do is ask around.

    Just don’t blame everything on rich people! Most of them work really hard to get where they are and made many sacrifices!

  • Evandro

    I was a person with hight I.Q and excelent memory, had a Abscessed Tooth that change my life nearly killing myself at the time.I lost my identity, my memory power and processing power and sex libido not talking about the lack of emphaty, etc…
    No doctor … NOBODY want to know and laught at my face
    its horrible

  • Jovandro

    lol evandro i have the most intense abscess tooth pain right now, but i can’t help laughing at you

  • Iris

    I just had an upper molar extracted due to an abscess that appeared roughly five days ago. I went first to my Dentist, who x-ray’d my tooth and saw a shadow near the root. He recommended that I see an Endodontist. The Endodontist tested the tooth and it was alive at the root, but had insufficient bone structure due to the infection. I was told that it needed to be pulled. I then went to an oral and facial surgeon to have the tooth extracted. During this process I was on Azitromycin from my Dentist as I am allergic to Penn and Sulfa. The abscess did not go down with the antibiotics and I began to have mucus, coughing, involuntary squeezing of my eyes (as if I was dehydrated), that reminded me of one of the worst colds I had and it moved three times faster than a normal cold. I almost did not shake the oral surgeons hand as I was afraid of giving him a “bug”. He extracted the tooth, cleaned the area, and my cold symptoms disappeared! Immediately there was no coughing! Apparently the tooth was near my sinuses and the infection spread. I went through the posts and I have to stress, home remedies are not the answer. If you can save a tooth, save it, we only have the real teeth we have now and it beats a hole, or expensive bridge work to re-create teeth. If you are at the point of a root canal, again it is better than an extraction. I have no dental insurance, my husband is out of work and I went in.. Some places have payment plans and your health is worth it. What is the value of suffering worsening symptoms to save money when your health is on the line?. Home remedies are not the answer, going in is. It scares me to think what would have happened if I waited, I believe the symptoms that others state in the site, because I can attest that they went away once the abcess was gone. For those of you looking for a fast cure, forget it. The real relief of your health restored is priceless, we can earn money once we can be back in full operation. DO IT, make your calls and GO IN NOW.

  • Belinda

    I am 22 and I have been having an abscess inside of my now decayed tooth for 4 years now. I stick needles in it too release some of the fluids and it helps it to feel better. I’m from Dallas, Texas and we do not have any free clinics here. And I know about the school dentistry but it’s only dental schools in Plano Texas and Austin Texas which is 4 hours away. I have been in pain but the ibuprofen helps to calm the pain a little. When the pain starts I cannot do anything not even sleep. Sad to say I have accepted my fate that it may kill me one day. It’s sad but how can anyone afford 3,000 to pay for a root canal? This tooth that is the last tooth in the back should just be pulled. The reason I have 2 cavities is because candy was the only food I could afford with 60 cents. I live in the suburbs but trust me im not rich. Once all the bills are payed for the house, their is barely any money for food. But I keep strong and hope I can gotto a community college so I can finally have a job or something but this is life in America. Not living an American dream but just living in America.

  • Supagranz

    Hi i passed out last month for no reason for it that i can think of the doctors booked me to have an ECG which I did yesterday. On tuesdayn this week I passed out in the hallway of our bungalow landed flat on my back I’m still in pain now. Then on Thursday I passed out in the kitchen smashing my face on the stone floor.doctors are not much help they have no idea why a 57 year old woman keeps passing out or do they really care? But my Face looks like it went 9 rounds with mike Tyson now I have noticed a disgusting smell & taste in my mouth and evert so often it flows out SO I assume I have an abscess but how bad is it ???? Any clues?

  • debby

    Hi, my name is Debby I am a 53 yr old. Who has had problems with my teeth since I was young. Parents did not take me to dentists when younger. And I have a very tramatic experience with the dentist. But now I am in need of dentist, I have about 5 or 6 teeth that either need.pulling or cut out. Last week had so much pain lasted a week. Used some antibiotics that I had and ibuprofen, finally went away . Now feel ligjtheaded and face feels flushed. Really dont have the money dentist are very expensive. No dental insurance. Hope it doesn’t kill me……